Duerksen Turkey Farm

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Oryana is pleased to continue to offer turkey from Duerksen Turkey Farm in Mancelona. Rick and Sue Duerksen have been raising turkeys since 1979 when they first bought their farm. They raise white broad breasted turkeys that are humanely raised and allowed to roam green pastures and dine on insects and grass during the warm months. They also get a supplemental non-gmo grain. 

The Duerksens raise 5000-6000 turkeys every year. The whole family, along with a dedicated team of friends, pitches in just before Thanksgiving to help process the birds in their MDA-inspected facility, sometimes working 16-18 hour days, to ensure they fulfill all preorders. 

“It takes roughly 10 people per two shifts for 6 days straight to make this happen,” Sue explained. 

One of their favorite ways to serve leftover turkey is, of course, a turkey sandwich, with turkey pot pie coming in a close second. Turkey Posole soup and turkey & dumplings are also family favorites. 

“We also want to let people know that turkey isn’t just a holiday food. We offer over 30 different turkey products year-round,” she added. Visit duerksenturkeyfarm.com to learn more.