Co+op Basics Eggs Now Produced in Michigan

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We are happy to announce that our low priced Co-op Basics eggs now come from Michigan! We previously purchased from Farmer’s Henhouse based in Iowa so we are pleased to be able to offer another high quality egg from closer to home.

Grazing Fields in Charlotte is an established Michigan, multi-farm cooperative and wholesaler of natural free-range brown eggs. The eggs are still priced at just $2.99/dozen. The birds are free range and fed a 100% vegetarian diet. These eggs are also certified humane. You can read here what this certification means.

A note about Co+op Basics: Co+op Basics offers a variety of popular grocery and household staple products at everyday low prices. These offer fantastic prices on some of our best-selling pantry essentials. To find these products, just look for the purple shelf tag.

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