Cooking Basics Series

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Every Thursday 7:30-8:30pm in the Café throughout February

Join us in our Café for delicious FREE cooking classes every Thursday. February is Owner Appreciation Month and not only are we saving you money on the best food we can find, we are also celebrating the craft of cooking by offering these classes FREE to our community. Whether you’re a little timid in the kitchen or you just want to eat better, these classes are fun, empowering and helpful. No need to RSVP; just grab a friend and come join us. Recipes and some tasty nibbles are included.

All classes will be led by Oryana’s Laura Cavender. No need for aprons; these are demonstration-style classes where you can sip your latte and relax and learn.

Thursday, February 6  
Fast, feisty and fresh; Healthful meals in 15 minutes

Laura will give a brief overview of not only the way we cook but the way we eat and how one informs the other. Whether you eat Plant-Based, Paleo or Pumpkin Pie all day long, this class will have some great skills, life hacks and ideas for everyday eating.

Takeaway skills: Food budgets, Food and fridge organization, 15 minute dinners, savvy snacks

Tasting: Coconut Curry Soup and Massaged Kale

Thursday, February 13 
Confident and Comfortable Knife-handling

From how to sharpen your blade to how to comfortably and safely use your knives, this class will go through the basics of cutting onions and garlic, peppers, kale and slippery tomatoes. This is an awesome introduction to folding more fresh stuffs into your diet, into your fridge, and prepped for your freezer as well. We’ll make kale pesto, homemade salad dressing and build a basic salad-in-a-jar.

Takeaway skills: Basic Knife Skills, prepping veggies for fridge and freezer and the fresher side of batch-cooking.

Tasting: Kale Pesto and Sweet Potato Rounds

Thursday, February 20 
Beans, Grains & Bone Broth; a primer to batch cooking for health, time-savings and frugality

This is the ‘peasant food’ that puts roses in our cheeks and strength in our bones. We have a whole wall of bulk stuffs here at the Co-op. Let’s demystify the world of rice/grains/beans and unlock the simplicity of one-bowl meals and batch cooking.

Takeaway skills: Time-effective Batch cooking for the home. Creating your own ‘fast food’ by prepping food for freezer and fridge. How to make vegetable stock. How to make bone broth. The ins and outs of soaking and sprouting beans & grains.

Tasting: Bone Broth, Devilish Lentil Salad

Thursday, February 27 
Ferment and Human Nutrition: an exploration of fermented and cultured foods in the modern kitchen

We’ll be covering two methods for home-brewing kombucha, how simple it is to make sauerkraut, and a brief overview of other probiotic-rich foods. This is a class for kitchen adventurers and those that like to experiment. We’ll also talk about nutrient density and how you can be in the driver seat of your own vibrant health.

Takeaway skills: How to make fermented foods, adding nutritional value to your everyday diet

Tasting: kombucha & sauerkraut

Every Thursday in February, 7:30 – 8:30 pm in the Café