Cooking & Baking with Local Ingredients

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There is something extra special about cooking using local ingredients, especially at this time of year when fresh produce falls off and we are cooking from our pantries. In planning your upcoming holiday meals and desserts, you can incorporate many locally-made products and support our local farmers and producers, all at the same time. Here are just a few of the many local products we carry.

Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate made in Empire, Mich. Lovely in baked goods and hot cocoa.
Sleeping Bear Farms Honey, from Beulah, Mich. Delicious in baked goods.
Local eggs are the best eggs. We have several local suppliers including Morganic Farm and Pristine Acres.
Grand Traverse Culinary Flours makes a great bread flour. Grown and processed right here in Northern Michigan.
Canned & frozen fruit from local Omena Organics and Food for Thought preserves for your desserts and morning toast.
More great local honey from Champion Hill Farm in Beulah, Mich.
Hilhof Dairy cream, milk, and half and half are perfect for all your dairy baking and cooking needs.
Gourmet salt blends from Alchemy Farm Goods in Maple City. Elevate all your dishes to the next level with these floral and herb seasonings.