Camping & Travel Food

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Oryana has some great camping and travel food for your late summer and fall travels. Eating well and conveniently has never been easier! Check out a few of our recommendations.

Tasty Bite Indian Entrees  in a pouch are fast and convenient. Just heat and eat. Pair with Tasty Bite cooked rice for a filling camp or road trip meal. In a variety of flavors including  Channa Masala, Bombay Potatoes, Kashmir Spinach, and  Bengal Lentils.

St. Dalfour Ready to Eat French Bistro salads are darn good! They are shelf stable and can be eaten warm or at room temp. Made with clean ingredients and surprisingly tasty.

Upton’s Naturals Ch’eesy Mac is precooked and just needs to be heated. It’s vegan and made with nutritional yeast-based cheese. Pretty darn good if you want hassle-free comfort food on the road.

Hummustir is a convenient dip that does not require refrigeration. The tahini is packaged separately from the chickpea puree. It comes with a little spoon you can use to mix it all together.

Fig Food Co. cooked beans are organic and sealed in pouches instead of cans. No need for a can opener on your travels. Pare with Tasty Bite cooked rice in a pouch and some seasonings, and you’re in business. 

When you’re on the go, Kodiak Cakes cups are a fast, delicious treat option. We carry Cinnamon Maple Flapjacks, Brownie in a Cup, and Minute Muffins. They are made with high quality, non-gmo ingredients. Just mix with water and pop it in the microwave.

Maya Kaimal Indian-inspired deals can be eaten on their own or with your favorite food. They can be poured over cooked rice or quinoa and topped with yogurt. Serve them as part of a meal with veggies, chicken, fish or anything.

Miracle Noodle Kitchen pouch meals are perfect for folks following paleo, vegan, and gluten-free diets. Made with Shirataki noodles, which are made from fiber of the Konnyaku Imo (konjac) plant. These ready-to-go entrees are a great, jazzy meal after a long day of hiking and outdoor activities. We have Pad Thai, Tom Yum, and Green Curry flavors.

Purely Elizabeth Gluten-Free Oat Cups come in several delicious flavors. Mix with hot water or microwave for a fast, warm breakfast.

PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter is not as good as whole peanut butter (because 90% of the fat has been removed) but it’s lightweight and pretty tasty, making it ideal for backpacking. We also have nut butter squeeze packs if you prefer convenient, unprocessed peanut butter.

Rice Dream makes a 4 pack of 8-oz rice milk containers so you don’t have to deal with a partially full asceptic pack of liquid when you’re on the go. Convenient for those avoiding dairy.

If you can’t brew your own cuppa joe, Medaglia D’Oro Instant Espresso Coffee is the next best thing. It’s got a deep flavor and is perfect for easy, quick cups in the morning or whenever.