Camping & Backpacking Food

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If you’re headed out camping or backpacking, stop by Oryana for some camp food options. Portability and weight are considerations for packing food for your trip as well as nutrition and convenience. Here are a few products you might like to pack for your outing.

Nut Butter

Nut butter packets or dried peanut butter are super convenient and way better than taking the whole container or portioning it out into smaller containers.

Dinner foods

After a long day of frolicking outside, a delicious warm dinner really hits the spot. Oryana carries plenty of delicious, prepackaged foods that require little to no preparation other than heating.

Salty & Crunchy

Wasa Crispbread is the classic camp bread. Crunchy Veggie Pops and Good Crisp Chips pack nicely and will stay intact for when you’ll be roughing it.


Freeze dried strawberries weigh practically nothing. Chewy fruit snacks are a good little convenient sugar burst. Banana chips from the bulk area would also be perfect.

Morning Brew!

Wake up to a delicious morning java, tea, or hot chocolate. No preparation required other than heating water over your camp stove or fire.