Camping and Road Trip Food

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If you’re planning to hit the road this summer for camping or road tripping, you’re going to need convenient but delicious food and snacks. We’ve got many healthy and convenient choices for meals and snacks away from home. Here are just a few of the many great products we love for summer camping and road tripping.

  1. Nut butter pouches – take only what you need. Leave the jar at home!
  2. Madhava pancake mix – the only additional ingredient you need to make these pancakes is vegetable oil
  3. Field Day Cereal Bars – for breakfast on the go
  4. PB2 powdered peanut butter – just add water. Lightweight compared to regular peanut butter.
  5. Fantastic Falafel Mix – just add water, form into balls, and fry
  6. Seeds of Change precooked rice – super convenient, just heat & eat
  7. McDougall’s instant soup – delicious plant-based instant soups
  8. Fillo’s seasoned beans in a pouch – pair with precooked rice in a pouch and you have a tasty, filling meal
  9. Annie Chun’s Noodle Bowl – the only thing you need is hot water and a spoon!
  10. Saffron Road Crunchy Chickpeas – crunchy high protein snack
  11. Greenetown Foods Apple Chips – light weight, crunchy, fruity snack
  12. Snacks from our bulk bins: cheddar sesame sticks and gorp nuggets, plus lots more choices like nuts, dried fruit, chocolate covered treats