Bag Discount Now 10¢

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We just increased the bring-your-own-bag (and container) discount to 10¢, up from 5¢! This means we will also match your Beans For Bags contributions, effectively doubling your donations to your favorite local non-profit organizations!

Why did we do this? We want to strongly encourage everyone to reuse bags and containers as much as possible to reduce waste, especially plastic waste. Although Oryana has never used plastic bags, the paper bags also have an ecological footprint. It takes more than four times as much energy to manufacture a paper bag as it does to manufacture a plastic bag. Paper bags also weigh more than plastic; this means transporting them requires more energy, adding to their carbon footprint. So forgoing even the paper shopping bags is helpful too.

We are working on our own branded reusable bag but in the meanwhile, the green co-op bags we hand out during owner appreciation months work great. Did you know that if those green bags start to break down and become yucky, that you can toss them in the plastic recycling bin?

So here’s to more money in your pocket, just for using your own bags and containers, or more money for local non-profits, just for using your bags!