Amy’s Kitchen

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As Owners and shoppers who value transparency, we at Oryana would like to address some recent concerns raised about Amy’s Kitchen, a popular producer of vegetarian oriented prepared foods.    

Oryana has been monitoring the situation at Amy’s Kitchen and communicating with our partners at the National Co-op of Grocers (NCG – our “Co-op of Co-op’s” with 150 co-op members) who are receiving direct updates from Amy’s Kitchen and the greater co-op community, and we wanted to share what we have learned: 

Due to an Amy’s Kitchen’s employee’s complaint on conditions at a California facility, Cal/OSHA has opened an investigation and has conducted a site visit.  

You can read a bit more about this as well as Amy’s Kitchen’s response to the complaint in this article:   

Amy’s Kitchen has stated they do not agree with the allegation and has recently completed a third-party facility audit. They have recently updated NCG with the results of their self-investigation and addressed the allegations reported.  Further response by Amy’s Kitchen is available on their website –   

Our long experience is that the voice of consumers and the collective voice of Oryana and 150 co-ops, as provided by NCG, is very effective. We encourage our member-owners and customers to make their own choice and vote with their dollars by supporting those companies they believe in. At this time, based on the response from Amy’s Kitchen to NCG we feel that no action needs to be taken regarding stopping the usage of this company as one of our vendors. We will, of course, continue to monitor the situation and address it accordingly if any additional news comes to light. Thank you all for being engaged consumers and asking questions about where your food comes from, how it is made, and how it impacts the world. We appreciate the diligence of our shoppers and look forward to continuing to offer you the highest quality products to meet your needs.