A Great 8th (Street)

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We’re looking forward to a better 8th Street! After a few short months of construction our neighborhood will have a beautiful new roadway and streetscape that will be able to welcome pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike. In the meantime, we will still be open to serve you, our valued customers. Alternative routes are already in place and can be found via your favorite Map App or on our website. The project is expected to last from Monday, May 6th into the Fall, but we will keep you posted on any updates we hear. Until then, we’ll see you in the co-op!

How to get to Oryana

While Oryana isn’t located directly on 8th Street, the closure could impact how you reach us if you are coming from the East. Here are some suggested detour routes.

  • From the North & East: Turn onto Union Street from Grandview Parkway, then turn left onto 10th Street and follow it straight to Oryana.
  • From the SouthEast: Take South Airport West to turn right onto Cass Street, then take a right onto 10th Street and follow it to Oryana.
  • From the SouthWest: Take Cass Street, turning right onto 10th Street and follow it to Oryana.

Public and Alternate Transit Options

Why navigate road construction if you don’t have to! Here are some ways to reach Oryana without having to encounter any detour signs yourself. (And don’t forget that if you arrive at Oryana via alternative transportation you receive an extra 5% discount on your transaction!)

  • The TART Trail – no need to start the engine, when Traverse City’s beautiful TART Trail allows you to access Oryana by bike, scooter, skateboard or foot. Simply hop on the trail from any access point (whether your home, downtown, or a parking lot) and cruise right on in to Oryana.
  • BATA Routes – our stellar, local bus system has been preparing for the 8th Street project since its inception and they have all of their detour routes ready. These experts of the road will know the right routes and strategies for getting you to your grocery shop on time.

Our favorite tips for construction season

  1. Order ahead from our Café – construction should never stand in the way of your lunch. Place a call-ahead order from the Oryana Café and have your food ready and waiting for pick-up to cut down on your time out of the office or your wait to get home. The Café direct line is: 231-346-2852. Menus are available here.
  2. Use our Special Order and Case Discount programs – this one is a win-win: You get the products you want in a larger quantity, cutting down on shopping trips AND Owners save up to 25% on each item! Most of the products on our shelves can be special ordered and made available for pick-up. Just call our Customer Service team who will take your order.
  3. Shop (and drive) off-hours – avoiding peak drive times can make for a more pleasant experience both in your car and in the aisles. Steering clear of morning and evening commute hours, school dismissal times and mealtimes can make your trip a breeze. Oryana is open 7:30 am until 9:00 pm for your convenience and weekends are always a great option for being able to browse our shelves (and find ample parking!).
  4. Carpool with friends and neighbors – while we won’t go as far to quote ‘misery loves company’ here, we will say that sharing a drive or errands with a friend can make for a fun experience. Coordinate trips with friends to split up the driving duties and make parking easier to find. This method also earns you and your friend an extra 5% off your orders via our Green Discount!
  5. Check festival schedules – if you’re local, you probably already know this one by heart, but we encourage you to always check festival and parade schedules before making your trips downtown. These can result in lane closures and further detours that you may be able to avoid if you shift your drive a few hours in one direction. Our local festivals are prepping for the closure of 8th Street as well and should be communicating all detour routes on their websites:
    1. Up North Pride (June 17 – 23)
    2. National Cherry Festival (June 29 – July 6)
    3. Traverse City Film Festival (July 30 – August 4)
    4. Friday Night Live & Downtown TC Events
    5. Ironman TC (August 23 – 25)
  6. Call us! – If you are not sure of the best route or want to know if a product is in stock before you make the trek, feel free to call us anytime. Our Customer Service number is 231-947-0191.