5 Tips for Transitioning to a Dairy-Free Lifestyle

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Guest Blog by Ellie’s Dairy-Free Kitchen

Do you or someone you know battle with a dairy allergy? In college, I started battling with terrible acne, digestion issues, and migraines. When I began to eliminate dairy, I realized that all of those issues started to go away. Unfortunately, the world is not made for people with dairy sensitivities and making the transition to a dairy-free lifestyle may seem daunting. These tips will help the transition become much easier. 

Know Your Milk Substitutes

Almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, soy milk, and rice milk are just some of the many plant-based milks available. Soy milk and cashew milk are perfect for sauce recipes, whereas almond milk and coconut milk are perfect for beverages. Milk alternatives can be used in replacement of cow’s milk at any time. 

I moved to Traverse City from Washington, D.C. recently and I was nervous that the milk substitutes here would be limited, but thanks to Oryana, I have had no troubles continuing my dairy-free lifestyle. My favorite milk alternative that Oryana carries is MALK. MALK Organic products are made with sprouted nuts and are dairy-, soy-, gluten-, GMO- and lactose-free and vegan friendly.

Keep Your Snack Cupboard Stocked

Hunger often comes with a change in one’s diet, and it will become increasingly hard to maintain a dairy-free life without having snacks around to help keep hunger pangs at bay. Every Sunday on my shopping trip to Oryana I pick up GoMacro bars, Siete tortilla chips with salsa, Boom Chicka PopVan’s Powergrain WafflesPuffins Cereal, and Purely Elizabeth products. One of my favorite things about shopping at Oryana is that the dairy-free products are spread throughout the store, not just in one designated section.

Plan In Advance

It’s time to start making eating dairy-free fun! Challenge yourself to make your traditional recipes using dairy substitutes. No need to revamp your whole recipe book when you only need to revamp a few ingredients. My most recent recipes, Creamy White Chicken ChiliVegan Butternut Squash Soup, and Vegan Pumpkin Walnut Pasta, were all made with ingredients from Oryana. They were easy to make and fueled me through my busy week. Finding easy crockpot recipes, sheet pan dinners, and breakfast bakes have made my life healthier, easier, and cleaner.

Host Your Friends

This one is my favorite tip! I became exhausted going to my friends and family’s events and not being able to eat anything. So I began hosting football games, Bachelor Mondays, presidential debates, birthday parties, etc. If there was a reason to gather, I hosted. I love to make foolproof dairy-free recipes that make my friends and family enjoy and wonder if it’s really dairy-free. When you find the right recipes, you will quickly realize that there is no taste difference. 

Get Your Vitamins

Make sure you are still getting a good amount of Vitamin D, B12, calcium, magnesium, and protein despite cutting out dairy. Actively seek out food and drink that will provide you with these vital nutrients. Oryana has the best wellness section, and has offered me the right vitamins and supplements that meet my goals and budget.

Just remember to speak with a medical professional before going dairy-free. Dairy is important for bone health and provides many nutrients that are vital for the health and maintenance of your body. A nutritionist or doctor may be able to help you decide what is best for you. In the meantime, check out Ellie’s Dairy-Free Kitchen for fun, easy, and clean ingredients gathered from Oryana, and follow me on Instagram @elliesdairyfreekitchen and message me with any questions or recipe suggestions. 

Ellie Kebler – Ellie’s Dairy Free Kitchen