Welcome to Oryana West

In March of 2020, Oryana Community Co-op was named top bidder in the US Bankruptcy Court for the Traverse City Lucky’s Market location.

On April 10th, we turned the key and officially unlocked the doors of Oryana West, our second location.

This transition coincided with a global pandemic, which made our path clear – keep this essential service open and operating to serve the community. We retained Lucky’s staff and kept the orders of stock in place, and are working to bring the store under the Oryana umbrella while still serving customers.

While we are making some key changes such as bringing the Lucky’s staff up to our Sustainable Wage Model and bringing in more local producers, much of the store you remember will stay the same going forward. In short, we’re keeping the beer, bacon, and (gummy) bears.

We hope to see you soon, “out West.”

Where & When to Find Oryana West

We are asking shoppers to please reserve 8:00AM–8:00AM every day for seniors and those in vulnerable populations, so they can shop safely.

3587 Marketplace Circle
Traverse City, MI
(231) 486-2491
Hours: 8:00AM – 8:00PM

Everyone Is Welcome

Co-ops may be owned by members but our stores are open to all, and we welcome both members and first-time shoppers. We take our friendly atmosphere seriously. Label-readers, coupon-clippers, bacon-lovers, non-owners, owners, meat-eaters, vegetarians, Lucky’s-lovers, longtime supporters, naysayers … we’re glad you’re all here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a burning question about Oryana West? Check out our Oryana West FAQ page or get in touch if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

Messages from Our Team

Interested to learn more about why we made the decision to open a second location at this time? Read these letters from our leadership for a better understanding of all that went into making this important decision to better serve our community.

A letter from Steve, our General Manager
A letter from Jim, our Board President

Letter to our Lucky’s Customers

Dated April 10, 2020
To Lucky’s Shoppers,

As you have probably noticed over the last few days, Lucky’s Market Traverse City is beginning to look a little different. As of start of business today (Friday, April 10th), it is, in name, Oryana West, part of the local Oryana Community Co-op. While signage and staff aprons may be changing, we wanted to assure you of what you will find staying the same about the store you know and love.

The Staff: Along with the Lucky’s store, we bid for an incredible staff. We are so happy to start the onboarding process to bring them on as part of the Oryana team. Each one of them has maintained an incredible amount of professionalism through one of the most stressful work situations anyone could imagine – from bankruptcy hearings through a global pandemic. We are truly grateful for their continued willingness to serve their customers with smiles and care. Every Lucky’s team member who chooses to stay with Oryana will be able to immediately access all benefits and PTO available to our 10th Street store employees, including becoming part of our Sustainable Wage program. As you shop, please take a moment to thank them for all they have done. They are heroes.

The Products: Maintaining grocery services has become truly essential during this time. For the new Oryana West, this means business as usual. To ensure there are no breaks in service, the staff will be continuing to order their current product mix until further notice. We know there are many beloved items here and, as a co-op, we exist to meet the wants and needs of our customers, so we will be working to keep these on the shelves for you. As Oryana receives unique price breaks on items through our Co+op Deals and Co+op Basics programs, you may start to see these on the shelves in place of the Lucky’s store brand items, which we will no longer be able to order. These lines offer great everyday low prices and sales on popular items, keeping prices low but with still great quality.

Beer/Wine: We will be keeping the beer! We heard loud and clear that this was a much-loved program and, once we are safely able to do so, we plan to reopen the Sip and Stroll program at Oryana West. The transfer of a liquor license normally takes a few weeks under the best of circumstances and we are working hard to expedite this. Until we receive a final okay, we are not able to sell beer or wine in our store (whether packaged or on tap). We are so sorry for this inconvenience, but know that we will again offer these products as soon as we are able.

Shopping for All: The cooperative model can be a confusing one, so we want to assure you of one main point – ANYONE is welcome to shop at either of our stores, whether or not you are an Owner. Owners receive amazing discounts for their investment of only $20 per year ($15 investment, $5 administrative fee), but there is no requirement of Ownership to shop. You are all welcome!

POS System Transfer: Keeping a store operational through an immediate transition comes with its challenges, one of those being the transfer of our point of sale (POS) system and the training required for all Oryana West cashiers. We plan to be able to implement our new POS system by May 1. In the interim, we are sorry to report that we will not be able to offer the Oryana Ownership benefits or discounts at Oryana West at this time. All of these discounts will still be available at our 10th Street store. This includes:

  • Owner point balances
  • Owner 10% off and 5% off total transaction discounts
  • Senior Discount (5% off for those 55 and up)
  • Green Discount (5% off or fthose using alternative transportation)
  • SNAP/EBT/Double Up Foodbucks programs
  • All Lucky’s Giftcard balances will be transferred over to Oryana giftcard balances after our POS system is in place.

Covid-19 Safety: We are busy implementing all Safe Shopper protocols at Oryana West that have been implemented at our 10th Street store. The first hour of shopping is being reserved for those who are in vulnerable populations, plexiglass guards have been installed on all cashier lanes, floor decals and signage have been put in place, each staff member self-monitors and documents prior to each shift, and we are providing masks to all employees.

This is a big transition for each of you, each of our staff members, and our community. There will probably be hiccups along the way, but our goal remains the same – to serve you, our customer, as best we can with healthful and delicious food. We invite you to share your thoughts with us directly via our dedicated email address [email protected]. If there is something we can do to make this transition easier, please let us know.

Thank you all for supporting this staff and this location. We look forward to providing the Amazing Oryana Experience now ‘out West’!