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Bee Dazzled


An interview with owner Sharon Jones

How did BeeDazzled begin?
BeeDazzled was created 35 years ago and grew out of my vision to create wonderful candles out of the fragrant beeswax we were harvesting. As our supply of beeswax grew, I developed new products including soaps, healing salves, and other body care items. Oryana was one of my first customers.

I am small seasonal cottage business located next to my home, with up to 5 employees during peak season. We can hardly keep our soaps on the shelf in the summer. Fall is when our skin care products are most popular and then come the candles in the winter to light up the long dark nights. When I close up shop at the end of the year I travel to our bee ranch in Florida and raise queen bees. I love the change of seasons and work.

Are there any new projects you have been involved in?
In the past 6 years I have created a “BeeKeepress Apprenticeship Program” that goes through the bee season, which begins in May and meets twice a month into October. It is a Women’s Studies beekeeping course centered  around a practical hands-on approach,  encompassing the Divine Feminine spiritual perspective to creating relationship with the honey bees that I believe is very much needed at this time. We will be accepting applications in February.
I personally tend about 25 hives myself using natural, and sustainable beekeeping practices.  

 What do you enjoy most about your business?
I love the creativity I am allowed at BeeDazzled and often get excited about new products that contain the healing properties of honey, beeswax, propolis (herbal formulation the bee’s gather) and pollen. I greatly enjoy meeting and  teaching my customers about the bees on a daily basis and through classes we offer at BeeDazzled.  I also enjoy gardening and living in the country with my husband and animals, where I can grow herbs and honeybee plants.

What are your plans for the future?
Each day I am deepening my relationship with my bees and filled with delight and gratitude to have them in my life, they are my greatest teachers. I am considering passing on BeeDazzled to a local individual so I can focus on my Beekeepress Program in the future.
For more information go to: www.beedazzled.com



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