Music in the Cafe

Join us for live music in our cafe on select days of the week.


12/31 The Duges 4-5pm


1/2 Gael Eschelweck 5-6pm
1/4 Summer Green 4-5pm
1/5 Chris Michels 1-2pm
1/6 Celts Unrailed 7-8:30pm
1/8 Miles Pendergrast 4-5pm
1/9 Christopher Stefaniciw 4-5pm
1/12 John on the Handpan 2-3pm
1/13 Charlie Weaver 4-5pm
1/14 Michah Middaugh 3-4pm
1/15 Kat Eldred 4-5pm
1/16 Blair Miller, 4-5pm
1/19 Chris Michels, 1-2pm
1/20 Rockwood & Miller, 4-5pm
1/20 Celts Unrailed, 7-8:30pm
1/21 The Duges, 4-5pm
1/22 Miles Predergrast, 4-5pm
1/27 Pat Ivory, 4-5pm