Grocery Specials Not In Flyer

This is the list of items we do not stock that are featured in our sale flyer for August 15 thru September 4. We will special order these items for owners starting August 15 until September 4.

Organic Prairie Organic Sliced Deli Meat Selected Varieties-10/6 oz. bags-$59.90
Liberte Organic Yogurt Selected Varieties-12/5.5 oz. cartons-$15.00
Stonyfield Yokids Organic Yogurt Cups Selected Varieties-4/6 ct. 4 oz. cups-$13.56
Wallaby Organic Aussie and Greek Yogurt Selected Varieties-12/6 oz. cartons-$12.00
Wallaby Organic Aussie and Keifer Yogurt Selected Varieties-6/32 oz. bottles-$21.00
Quorn Meat-free Chik’n Nuggets-12/10.6 oz. boxes-$30.00
Three Twins Organic Ice Cream Selected Varieties-6/16 oz. cartons-$24.00
Woodstock Organic Frozen Green Peas-12/10 oz. bags-$19.92
Cascadian Farms Organic Granola Bars Selected Varieties-12/6 ct. 7.4 oz. bars-$36.00
Clif Kid Organic Zbar Selected Varieties-9/6 ct. boxes-$26.91
Crofter’s Organic Premium Fruit Spread Selected Varieties-6/16.5 oz. jars-$23.94
Equal Exchange Organic Chocolate Bar Selected Varieties-12/2.8 oz. bars-$30.00
Equal Exchange Organic Ground Breakfast Blend Coffee6/12 oz. bags-$41.94
Guayaki Organic Yerba Mate Selected Varieties-12/15.5 oz. cans-$30.00
Just Coffee Co-op Coffee Selected Varieties-12 oz. bag-$9.99
Late July Snacks Organic Cantina Dippers Selected Varieties-9/8 oz. bags-$22.50
Maranatha Almond Butter Selected Varieties-6/12 oz. jars-$47.94
Sahale Snacks Selected Varieties-9/1.5 oz. bags-$11.25
Santa Cruz Organic Apple Sauce Selected Varieties—12/6 ct. 4 oz. cartons-$35.88
Bach Rescue Pastilles Selected Varieties-12/50 gr. bottles-$83.88