Owner Appreciation Month

It’s your co-op…you own it!

Shop during the month of February and reap (one of) the benefits of ownership. Four times per year, owners can save 10% off their total bill.* (At both stores on the same day!) This is just our way of saying “Thank You!” for your patronage and for supporting a socially-conscious, community-owned business.

Not an owner yet? Join and save!

Ownership fees are $15 per year + a $5 administrative fee ($20 total). If you plan to spend $200 on one shop during Owner Appreciation Month, your Ownership pays for itself in one ring! To sign up, simply ask your cashier or stop by our Customer Service Desk to fill out an easy form and start receiving your benefits immediately. To read about ALL of the benefits of becoming an Owner, including having a voice in how we run your local business, visit our Owner Benefits Page.

Owner Appreciation Months are February, May, September, and December.

*Beer, wine, preorders, and ownerships excluded.