Board Members

Jim Dagwell, President

TERM: Has served on the board since April 2010. Current term expires April 2021.

Co-Principal with wife Laura May at Traverse Tax & Accounting by day, drummer by night in his band Dags und Timmah!, Dags serves on Oryana and Honor Bank boards.  He enjoys spending time with his wife and their office Westies, performing music, meditating, and gardening.

Rebecca Teahen, Vice President

TERM: Has served on the board since April 2007; Current term expires April 2020.

Executive Director for Resource Development & NMC Foundation at Northwestern Michigan College. Longtime advocate for natural resource conservation and avid horseback rider, hiker, & generally an outdoor enthusiast. Live with family in Traverse City.

Colleen Valko, Treasurer

TERM: First elected in April 2017; Current term expires April 2019. 

Colleen Valko is a Strategist with Tamarack Holdings and a former treasurer of the MSU Student Housing Cooperative. She studied Food Industry Management at MSU and is passionate about food systems and our local food economy. Colleen lives on a cherry and apple farm where she gardens, cooks, and explores the great outdoors.

Kaitlyn Burns, Secretary

TERM: First elected to the board in April 2012. Term expires April 2020. 

Human-centered designer, holistic problem-solver, thinker. Do-er! NPR addict, Michigander, music nerd, Marketing Coordinator at Britten, Inc. Mother to Gardner, partner to Max.

Sean Burns

TERM: First elected to the board in April 2007; Current term expires April 2019. 

Co-owner with wife Lori of Green Island in Traverse City, a purveyor of earth-friendly goods. Worked in strategic business development and international marketing for a large, multinational corporation. Love to swim, sail, and ski with daughter Emma.

Chris Miller

TERM: Has served on the board since April 2013; Current term expires April 2020.

Studied Biomedical Science at Grand Valley University but has a strong passion for business and economics. Employed at Oryana since 2010, currently Front End Assistant Manager. Married to wife Patti and father to Lilia, Maya, Ellisyn and Everett. He loves spending time with his family and having interactions with the community and its members.

Holly Jo Sparks

TERM: Has served on the board since April 2014; current term expires April 2021.

Professional community, cooperative and economic developer, Co-Founder & Principal at Collective Seeds Consulting Co-op; also owns and manages Creekside Cottages, a yearly rental and all-ages hostel. Enjoys yoga, feng shui, trivia, bonfires, wine and travel.

Chuck Mueller

TERM: First elected to the board in April 2015; Current term expires April 2019.

Married for 39 years to wife Linda, two happy adult children and grandchildren, career in working with families and children with special needs. Enjoys outdoor activities, volunteering at the State Theatre, Opera House, and church.

Kathy Baylis Monteith

TERM: Elected to the board in April 2018; current term expires April 2021.

Founder and owner of Center for Body Awareness providing Physical Therapy, Feldenkrais and Pilates-based rehabilitation.  Kathy and husband Scott enjoy cooking, skiing, paddle boarding, and navigating the waters of the great lakes.

Steve Nance, General Manager

Married to Robin (former Oryana Board member), father of Andrew and Emma. Former officer on the Oryana Board. Alternative Transportation advocate, bicyclist for fun and transportation, ski-sojourner with our Siberian husky and Giant Woolly Malamute.