Cheese Madness 2021

And the winner is….Saltless Sea Creamery’s Parmichigano!

Thank you for participating in Oryana’s 2021 Cheese Madness! We have another stellar local winner to celebrate. Saltless Sea Creamery describes Parmichigano as “an homage to the king of cheese – Parmigiano Reggiano – and the terroir of Northern Michigan.” They replicate the traditional production process with local cow’s milk, then cave-age each wheel for at least 8 months to create a classic parmigiano that tastes like home. Truly the pedigree of a champion.

We also want to congratulate Bracket Champion Bob Brown who earned 11 points from his picks and chose the final Champion correctly. Bob was awarded a $100 Oryana giftcard. Congrats Bob!

If you didn’t have a chance to try all of the Savoury Sixteen, they are all still available at both of our locations. Our cheese buyers are happy to make recommendations for any of your tastes. Just ask!

We’ll see you again next year with a brand new slate of contenders!

Voting has now closed.


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