Honest to Goodness

Local. Sustainable. Organic. Fair Trade. Non-GMO.

Co-op Means

Radical Quality

We’re a fun, funky, easygoing group….until we start talking about quality standards.

The produce you enjoy, the baked goods you gather your family around, the fresh ingredients you put on your table, we know these matter to you, because they matter to us too. Co-ops were the pioneers of the transparent food movement and we’re not backing down now. 

Fresh, local ingredients. Daily.

Co-op Means Community

Good people with good food, that’s our motto. Our farming partners bring the quality, every day.

26 farms and counting. Want to join in, too?

Latest News, Posts, and Recipes

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    Helping your child maintain a robust immune system is important year-round but especially so in fall and winter when colds and flu viruses are more prevalent.

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Covid-19 Updates

Please note: facemasks are REQUIRED to shop at Oryana. If you don’t have a mask, we will provide one. Otherwise, please use our free curbside shopping service at Oryana 10th St. Thank you for your compliance.

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