Raw Spring Rolls

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Adapted From Honestly Healthy
Serves 4

8 rice paper rounds
2 nori seaweed sheets, each cut into 4 squares
2 carrots, cut into julienne strips
2 zucchini, cut into julienne strips
2 green onions, cut into fine strips
2 small cucumbers, cut into julienne strips
Head of red leaf lettuce, thinly sliced
1 package sprouts
2 handfuls of cilantro, chopped
7 oz. flavored tofu, cut into julienne strips 
Peanut Satay Sauce

  1. Soak the rice paper rounds in cold water for about 1 minute to just soften them. Eemove from the water and pat dry.  Lay each rice paper round on a flat surface and place a nori square on top of each.
  2. Arrange a medley of vegetables, tofu and cilantro in the center of each paper/nori wrapper.  Delicately roll the edge nearest to you over the filling and then tuck in the outside edges.  Continue to roll carefully but tightly. 
  3. Serve with the Peanut Satay Sauce for dipping.