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Vision 2022

A Vision of our Future...

Oryana Imagined 2022

Our mission statement focuses on “who we are and what we do.” Our Ends Policies focus us on goals stated by the Board and help steer the co-op.  Business plans and Strategies are created by the General Manager (GM) and staff to fulfill the above. Oryana Imagined is what things look like at a point in the future if we are successful. It is a story that takes place in the future.

Its purpose is to provide inspiration, focus, engagement, motivation, clarification, and to change our view to one of “creating our reality” and away from the present and the past. It is a living document that has already had several drafts and will continue to evolve – with your help.

~ Steve Nance, GM and lead vision guy

It’s hard to believe 2022 is already upon us. We thought it would be fun to reflect on the past 10 years and all the successes we have had...

We are standing in our beautiful satellite store that is buzzing with excitement and customers. Our green-built store is bathed in natural sunlight which shows off the beautiful produce department and its abundance of locally-grown products. The satellite store is a full-service store with its own café, coffee bar, and a beautiful fresh meat and seafood counter, which was fashioned after the success of fresh meat and seafood at the 10th Street store. Prepared foods and bakery items, as well as Soy Works products, are delivered to the retail stores daily from the Oryana central Kitchen by means of our low and zero emissions vehicles.

The Amazing Oryana Experience

  • Our commitment to excellence is ever present in the amazing customer service our staff serves up daily to the Oryana community
  • Shopping at Oryana has set the standard for  service in the region

Growth also looks like:

  • Opening up the satellite store and the centrally located Oryana Kitchen, Bakery and Soy Works facility has eased our parking problem at the green remodeled 10th Street store
  • An Old Town Parking Deck shuttle service for staff and customers to park offsite
  • Continued promotion of alternative transportation via TART Trails, local bus routes, bike rentals, and a car sharing program
  • Solar collectors on the roofs of each co-op facility and 95% recycle/reuse rates

In the Community

  • Oryana Healthy Options kiosks at NMC and Munson Medical Center are providing healthy, affordable, and delicious food, in addition to the most popular wellness items
  • The NMC kiosk is also an employer of NMC students learning about business, cooperatives and healthy foods in addition to classroom learning
  • During the summer months the co-op runs Oryana kiosks, carts, and low emissions food trucks at a   variety of local festivals

Products and Services

  • Products in the Lake Street Grab and Go program and the hot/cold bar have become very popular for the business crowd
  • Oryana has a busy, full-service catering program
  • We are working with local businesses to create Oryana branded products
  • The Wellness department has expanded to offer classes and consultations with our specialists 
  • Purchasing Guidelines are reviewed and revised as we constantly focus on our goal to provide the highest quality food and goods at fair prices


Fulfilling the Oryana Ends

As Oryana has grown, our role has changed to become an ever more effective advocate in the community and beyond for:

  • local, small and sustainable agriculture
  • local economy, currency and investment
  • sustainable development
  • renewable energy
  • fair and equitable trade
  • environmental regeneration
  • social justice and much more
  • We now have a local food hub at the Commons, as well as a strong local currency and investment options
  • Oryana is well known for working to promote the cooperative business model, as illustrated by:
  • the Oryana-nurtured cooperative housing development the Credit Union offices located in each Oryana store and the new cooperative insurance program

Oryana Fantastic Finance

  • Sales of over $25 million, in spite of some other natural foods competitors that have moved into the area
  • Staff and members are proud that Oryana remains a quadruple bottom line business: People, Planet, Purpose, and Profit
  • Growth of over 10% per year produces at least a 1.5% net income to support expansions and remodels and to give back to our owners and the community

Outreach and Education

  • Our very popular nutritional consulting and coaching has helped hundreds of people in our region improve their health
  • Our health tours and community forums are so popular that we continually have to add more tours
  • Our connection to area schools is growing and our educator is working full-time
  • We are working with several local organizations to foster more community gardens
  • The Oryana Farm is a great learning resource and provides resources to the Prepared Foods department

The Board - Superb Leadership

  • The Board has reached an even higher level of Governance excellence:
  • just completed a multi-day retreat to review and revise the Oryana Ends Policies
  • had a great training session on the Oryana Governance model.
  • The Oryana BOD is “all about” helping motivated local groups understand the concepts and business models of co-ops to spearhead other local co-op start-ups. 

Staff and the Model Workplace

  • Oryana has an exceptional staff of committed, energized, fun, and experienced people who are proud to work at Oryana
  • The “Oryana University” has grown to provide:
  • Oryana Leadership Academy
  • Oryana Super Supervision
  • Amazing Oryana Experience
  • Many new programs that provide finance, operations, and computer training, and so much more
  • Oryana is so good at training we now offer it to other co-ops and organizations
  • Staff take their cues from managers that were promoted internally after participation in many “Oryana University” classes and being mentored by our great managers
  • Our Leadership Values continue to allow our staff to feel respected and valued
  • We continue to receive accolades in our community for our commitment to our people
  • Development talks have just begun on the Oryana childcare cooperative


  • Success for Oryana in 2022 is measured by the 15,000 member-owners that are proud to tell others that they are “cooperators”
  • Because of Oryana, the community, region and world has more healthy and happy people, has a more resilient economy and ecology, and an example of a fair and socially just business and model workplace – no small measure of success.





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