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The Shrub Soda Company

The Shrub Soda Company

The Shrub Soda Company of Traverse City combines the best of Northern Michigan’s fruit, organic apple cider vinegar, and cane sugar with carbonated water to create a simple shrub soda.

But what’s a shrub soda? Shrubs are sweetened vinegar-based syrups infused with fruit. Shrub syrups were once used as a way to preserve fruit.
And why drink vinegar? For centuries, apple cider vinegar has been believed to benefit the body in many ways such as weight loss, digestion, heart health, and to help banish fatigue.

The Shrub Soda Company was founded by Gary Jonas, Allison Jonas, and Brandon Seng. Gary and Allison own and operate The Little Fleet in Traverse City. Brandon runs Goodwill’s Farm to Freezer program (See pg 11). Hence they use Farm to Freezer fruits from Northern Michigan to make their sodas. The shrubs are made at the Farm to Freezer facility and then they go to Northwood Soda to get bottled with sparkling water.
The trio started this business because they felt there was a need for a healthier alternative soda. They started making shrubs for the Little Fleet’s cocktail menu. This was when they fell in love with shrub sodas.
Gary, Allison, and Brandon make 60 cases of soda per month, but they expect that to increase with more exposure downstate.

One of the things they love about the business is their relationship with Farm to Freezer, which takes in fresh local produce in the summer, processes the ingredients, and freezes them to be used all year long. They find it gratifying to work with a program that maximizes local produce.  

One message they want to impart is that drinking vinegar is not only healthy, it’s also tasty. Most people don’t think about drinking vinegar, but when made into a shrub with fruit, the combination is delicious and refreshing.
As far as the future is concerned, they plan to continue to explore other flavors that are growing in Northern Michigan. They are bringing back Rhubarb Shrub Soda. They also want to try new flavors like Merlot Shrub Soda or Cucumber Mint Shrub Soda.  There are many great options for flavors in our area and they plan to get creative.

In addition to Oryana, Shrub Soda can be found in about 20 locations around Traverse City. For more information visit: www.theshrubsodacompany.com.



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