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Tandem Ciders

Tandem Ciders of Suttons Bay

"I really enjoy the relationships we have with our apple growers,” says Dan Young of Tandem Ciders in Suttons Bay. “It’s great to know the people who supply us and it’s really great when they come and enjoy our cider.” A small orchard at the tasting room site off Setterbo Road provides a few apples but the majority of apples used to make Tandem hard cider come from growers in Leelanau County and Old Mission Peninsula.

Dan and his wife Nikki Rothwell started the cidery in 2008 and now produce 15 different ciders ranging from dry to sweet and including pear, plum and cherry ciders. In 2014 Tandem produced about 30,000 gallons of cider. The name Tandem comes from a bike trip Dan and Nikki took across England on a two-seater, during which they cycled and drank cider.

One aspect of the cider business that Dan finds challenging is dealing with a commodity like apples. Each growing season is different and weather events such as frost and storms can really affect both the price and availability of the raw ingredient.  But a rewarding aspect of the business is their customers, whether it’s the regulars they see on a daily basis, summertime visitors who come on the same week year after year, or first timers who have just discovered them. Tandem Ciders has 5 full time and 2 part time employees year round with 2 part time people who help in the Summer and Fall.

Cider lesson: During fermentation, sweet apple cider changes to hard cider. Cider is fermented by yeasts that consume the sugar and excrete ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. All apples have naturally occurring yeast on their skins. Some cider-makers will allow these yeasts to ferment the cider, while others will kill off the wild yeasts with sulfites, and then introduce known wine- or cider-making yeast. At Tandem Ciders, they do not add sulfites at this point in the cider making process but they do add cultured yeast to the cider. The fermentation period can take anywhere from two weeks to six months.

You can find Tandem Smackintosh, Early Day, Sweetheart, and Green Man ciders at Oryana. Visit the Tandem Cider website: tandemciders.com




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