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Sustainable Fishing

Sustainable Seafood

We have been fishing the oceans for centuries, but over the last five decades, technology has allowed us to fish farther, deeper and more efficiently than ever before. Modern fishing is dominated by fishing vessels that far outmatch nature's ability to replenish fish. The Monterey Bay Aquarium says that scientists estimate we have removed as much as 90 percent of the large predatory fish such as shark, swordfish and cod from the world's oceans. Our appetite for fish has exceeded the oceans' ecological limits with devastating impacts on marine ecosystems. Scientists are warning that overfishing results in profound changes in our oceans, possibly changing them forever. In 2003, the Pew Oceans Commission warned that the world's oceans are in a state of "silent collapse," threatening our food supply, marine economies, recreation and the natural legacy we leave our children.

Some fisheries, however, are being run in a sustainable way. But we still need to improve the practices of the remaining fisheries and solve the worst problems, including overfishing, illegal/unregulated fishing, habitat damage, bycatch (accidentally catching unwanted species) and bad management.

Oryana is committed to giving members-shoppers a variety of seafood choices from suppliers that rely on well-managed, sustainable fishing and harvesting practices. When you buy seafood at Oryana, you can be assured that the seafood you purchase is harvested in healthy, environmentally friendly ways. And, it’s smart to choose sustainable seafood because you're supporting a better future for our oceans.

Download a copy of Monterey Bay Aquarium's sustainable seafood guide and know which types of fish to avoid and which are okay to purchase or order at a restaurant.

The following sustainable seafood companies provide us with our seafood:  Henry & Lisa's, World Catch, Blue Horizon, and Legacy Seafoods.




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