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Reducing Cancer Risk

Reduce your cancer risk...
Eat real food!

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to help reduce your risk of cancer is to eat a healthy, organic, whole foods diet packed with the nutrients needed to maintain a strong immune system which is your first line of defense against cancer. Try these easy tips to better eating and better health.

10 Easy Tips for Reducing Cancer Risk

  1. Eat Real Food
    Processed, highly refined foods such as sugars, trans-fats, excess calories and chemicals are taxing to the body and can lead to disease.
  2. Choose Organic
    Organically grown foods can reduce your risk for cancer and other health issues by reducing your exposure to harmful herbicides, pesticides, GMOs, growth hormones and antibiotics often used in non-organic food production. 
  3. Color Counts!
    Fruits and vegetables are loaded with powerful antioxidants, vitamins and other compounds needed to destroy free radicals and repair cell damage so load up your plate  with a variety of colorful vegetables at every meal.  
  4. Boost your Immune system with lots of Vitamin C
    Include whole foods like citrus, berries, broccoli, tomatoes, and collards ( and not just juice.) Whole foods are nutrient-dense giving you more bang for your buck.
  5. Make fiber your friend
    Fiber keeps your digestive tract in good working order so you can rid your body of toxins including cancer causing compounds. Great sources of fiber are fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans and seeds like chia or flax.
  6. Go for the Greens  
    Dark leafy greens like kale, chard, collards and spinach contain vitamins A and C, minerals such as calcium and magnesium, antioxidants, nutrients that are all needed for optimum health.
  7. Increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids
    Essential fatty acids aid in the production of hormones and are integral to optimal cell health. Great sources of Omega-3 fats are salmon, tuna or sardines, nuts and seeds like walnuts or hemp or, a daily dose of Cod liver oil with vitamins A & D.
  8. Introduce culture to your dinner table
    Add 1-2 oz. of cultured vegetables to your dinner plate.  Cultured or fermented foods are rich in probiotics and help support a strong immune system by repopulating your gut with beneficial bacteria. A strong immune system is important in the fight against cancer.
  9. Avoid certain oils
    Avoid highly processed vegetable oils and trans-fats from partially hydrogenated oils. Trans-fats can damage cell walls leading to inflammation and an increased risk of cancer. Switch from these to olive oil, coconut oil, or butter from grass fed organic animals.
  10. Go nuts!
    Nuts contain a powerful antioxidant called quercetin that can suppress the growth of cancer cells.




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