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Tag: spring
Arugula Salad with Strawberries, Pecans, and Goat Cheese

Enjoy the fresh taste of strawberries in this wonderful summer salad.

Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps

A flavorful, Asian-inspired turkey filling for stuffing inside fresh lettuce leaves.

Asparagus and Pea Saute

You know spring is here with a bright green dish like this, perked up with a little taste of mint.

Asparagus and Shiitake Quiche

This quick, easy and elegant quiche is ideal for brunch or dinner, and will impress guests as well as your family.

Asparagus Carbonara

Delicious, quick and filling dinner during asparagus season.

Asparagus Chicken Stir Fry

A very easy, delicious stir fry using chicken thighs and asparagus.

Asparagus Mushroom Frittata

This is a wonderful dish that utilizes Spring's first delights, morel mushrooms and asparagus. Serve for brunch or supper.

Asparagus Quinoa Salad

This is healthy "fast food" at its best!

Asparagus Salad with Dijon Dressing

This is a simple and easy asparagus salad you can whip up quickly. You could also roast the asparagus instead of boiling it for an added layer of flavor.

Asparagus Shiitake Quiche

Celebrate Spring with asparagus in this melt-in-your-mouth quiche. Substitute morel mushrooms for a truly great Spring treat.

Asparagus with Goat Cheese and Lemon

A fresh, lemony taste of spring. Enjoy the season's first bright green spears with crunchy goat cheese rounds.

Bacon Mushroom Asparagus Scramble

Asparagus is wonderful. Asparagus with bacon is even more wonderful!

Balsamic Strawberries

A unique way to serve this sweet, juicy fruit. Enjoy this dish as is or with ice cream.

Bok Choy and Buckwheat Noodles in Seasoned Broth

This is a traditional Japanese dish that is quick,  healthy, and satisfying.


Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish mainly consisting of mashed potatoes with kale or cabbage. Cool weather comfort food at its best.

Creamy Vegan Strawberry Smoothie

This smoothie is rich and creamy without without the addition of dairy.

Garden Fresh Asparagus Soup

This delightful asparagus soup is spiced with a touch of curry and gets added richness from coconut milk and creamy red potatoes

Homemade Pizza

Making pizza at home is fairly quick and easy if you follow a few simple tips. Once you make this pizza, you will never want to get take-out pizza again!

Indian Spiced Lentils with Spinach and Rhubarb

A  Spring-inspired lentil stew flavored with ginger and Indian spices.

Lentil Rhubarb Soup

A unique and tangy flavor enhancement to traditional, hearty lentil soup, rhubarb raises the bar on this soup.

Potato and Grilled Asparagus Salad

A lovely combination, potatoes and asparagus.

Potato Ramp Soup

Spring soup made with wild ramps, simple and divine.

Quinoa Salad with Lemon and Garlic

A simple but surprisingly flavorful, fresh salad, full of quinoa goodness.

Rhubarb Bars

These bars taste so good they won't last long!

Rhubarb Salad with Goat Cheese and Honey Dressing

Enjoy the fresh, tart taste of spring with this unique, roasted rhubarb salad.

Rhubarb Sour Cream Muffins

Rhubarb is a wonderful fruit for muffins.

Rustic Rhubarb Strawberry Tart

A lovely, fruity spring dessert, just enough for two people. There will be no leftovers.

Sauteed Morel Mushrooms

This is the best way to eat morels, sauteed in butter and nothing else.

Savory Asparagus Bread Pudding

This makes a lovely brunch or vegetarian Easter supper.

Sesame Pea Pods

This is a super fast, easy, and delicious way to serve crisp, fresh pea pods.

Snap Peas with Green Onions & Radishes

A good combination here with sharp radishes and sweet pea pods sauteed to perfection.

Spiced Coconut, Spinach and Chickpea Salad

A delicious and flavorful way to eat spinach. Flavored with coconut and gomasio.

Spring Greens Pizza

This is a nice way to enjoy some fresh spring greens...

Spring Pea Soup

This is a light, fresh soup unlike its heavier cousin, split pea soup. Use fresh peas if you can get them, otherwise frozen peas are fine.

Strawberry Gazpacho

A delightful, cooling, savory soup made with America's favorite berry, the luscious strawberry.

Strawberry Salsa

If you like salsa you will like this sweet/tart version that takes advantage of summer's first berry.

Thai Beef and Radish Salad

A zesty Southeast Asian salad utilizing the first local root vegetables, crunchy radishes.

Wild Rice & Split Pea Salad

A bright, hearty salad for spring, with chewy wild rice and a bit of goat cheese.

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