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Middle School Lessons

For Educators - Interactive Lessons for Grades 5 - 12 on

Food, Farming, and Nutrition

Oryana Natural Foods Market offers 10 interactive classroom lessons about food, farming and nutrition.These lessons are designed to help students gain a better understanding of the value of healthy foods in their lives. Lessons are suitable for middle and high school-aged students. Our classes generally include a presentation, interactive discussion or group activity as well as a food sampling component. Some classes may include a hands-on cooking/food prep demonstration.

Instructor Requirements: Classroom suitable for food prep/demo and audio/visual equipment

For scheduling options or more information please call Sandi McArthur at 231/947-0191 or email  sandi@oryana.coop. Download a brochure HERE.

Nutritional Label Detective

Students will be able to identify synthetic and artificial ingredients as well as potentially harmful or unhealthy ingredients in a number of sample foods including hidden sugars. This class will also look at some nutritional labels and learn how to make healthier choices for themselves.

Genetically Engineered Food...Say What?

What is genetically engineered food and should we be eating it? This class introduces students to the idea of genetically engineered (GE) or modified foods (GMOs.) Students will discover which foods have been genetically modified and we will look at some of the environmental and health issues surrounding genetically engineered foods.

Active Bodies Healthy Eaters

This class is designed especially for physical education and individual fitness classes and focuses on the relationship between food and physical
activity. Students will learn about how food is, indeed, fuel for the body, but also how the quality of that fuel can
impact their physical and emotional well-being. They will learn how physical performance is enhanced by a good diet, what nutrient-dense foods are, and how those foods impact their energy and endurance.

Trains, Boats and Planes - The Global Food Movement

Where does food come from? This lesson takes students around the world to see where our food comes from, the miles it travels from farm to plate, and the environmental impact and nutritional portfolio of global vs. local foods. Students will examine the role large industrial farms play in the loss of family farms, outbreaks of food contamination, a reduction in the variety of foods available today, and the tremendous growth of processed and packaged foods.

Smart Snacking

This class is designed to help students understand the difference between a snack and a meal, what constitutes a healthy vs. an unhealthy snack choice, when snacking is appropriate, and how healthy snacking may be beneficial for them.

Sugar…The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Students will explore the world of sweeteners on the market today and look at how some sugars are grown or produced such as cane sugar, HFCS, and artificial sweeteners. The class will look at the startling increase of sugar usage in the last 100 years and the health implications of a high sugar diet as well as examine ingredient labels to discover the hidden sugars in many foods.

Don’t be Fooled - Food and Advertising

Students will examine some of the techniques that advertisers use to promote their products, especially those geared towards children, and how these ads influence what products they buy. They will examine brands and see how some branded items are synonymous with certain foods and how much money is spent on advertising these products.

Packing a Healthy Lunch

What constitutes a healthy, balanced lunch? That’s what students will discuss, as well as the effects food have on the ability to study, concentrate, play sports, etc.

Nine a Day - Are You Kidding?

Students will be amazed at what constitutes a serving of fruits and vegetables and how easy it is to incorporate them into their diets daily. They will also discuss the role vegetables and fruit play in a healthy diet and  sample a delicious vegetable or fruit snack.

A Day in the Life of Two Cows…Which Burger Do You Want?

Students will begin to understand the changing force of agriculture in the U.S. over the last 100 years from small family farms to large industrial operations and the impact that has had on our food, health, and the environment. Students will view the DVD “The Meatrix.”

Download a pdf brochure HERE.



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