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2015 Meeting Minutes

2015 Meeting Minutes


Present at the meeting:

Sean Burns, Holly Jo Sparks, Kaitlyn Burns, Chris Miller, Amy Tennis, Rebecca Teahen

Oryana: General Manager:  Steve Nance, Board Assistant: Gabby Hill

Absent: Chelsea Bay Dennis, Jim Dagwell

Guests: Tom Slater, Yuan Shellby, Dan Ecclestone

Welcome:  Amy convened the meeting at 5:35pm.  Guests were introduced.  Minutes from the last meeting were approved by email. 

Board Calendar: No changes to calendar.

Public Input: 

Kaitlyn Burns thanked the member-owners who donated their patronage to SEEDS. 

Tom Slater acknowledged that Oryana is a smoke-free campus but suggests that employees not be allowed to smoke tobacco on the neighbor’s property or anywhere during their shifts. 

Dan shared about his successful diet transformation in response to health problems and encouraged Oryana to actively promote more plant-based diet options.  He also encouraged the Board to watch Cowspiracy, a documentary that explores big agriculture and its impact on the environment.

GM Report – Steve: 

Monthly and Yearly Numbers: Monthly sales were just under $1,290,000.  Monthly sales growth was 7.5%. Yearly sales were about $15.5 million. Annual sales growth was 9.1%, just under the goal of 10%.  Monthly labor to sales percentage was around 25%, above the target of 23% and yearly labor to sales percentage was 22%.  Sales per labor hour was just under $80.  Monthly customer count was up from previous years at over 39,000.  Monthly memberships exceeded 6600.  Member sales were over 72% of total sales.  Monthly market basket was just under $33 which was slightly below budget, partially due to an increase in prepared foods sales.  Monthly member sales were over $880,000. 

Draft Quarterly Numbers: Operating expenses were about 31.5%, below budget of 33.3%.  Total sales were slightly below budget at $3.9 million.  Total cost of sales were about $2.4 million.  Sales growth was about 7%. 

Many member-owners donated their patronage to area organizations including SEEDS, 10 Cents a Meal, ISLAND, MLUI, and Women’s Resource Center. 

Current store projects:  Staff break room remodel, Prepared Foods Improvement Project (increased efficiency, space utilization, and a new layout for the café and hotbar), new nut butter table in bulk, East bathroom remodel (the first one is complete.)

Expansion: The GM is working with a broker and possible collaborators, is looking for site, and continues to consult NCG’s Development Cooperative (DC).

The current issue of Oryana’s Natural Food News contains a third newsletter article from the GM regarding expansion as well as an article from Amy.

Oryana Soyworks is closing this month.  There is a Q&A on the Oryana website to answer member-owner questions.

Oryana continues to collaborate with TART supporters to keep the trail clear. 

Event sponsorships include the Yen Yoga’s Inspired Summit, Norte Youth Cycling, SEEDS, the Bob Russell Resilience Reading Project, the Great Big Giveaway (in collaboration with McLain Cycle), the 2015 Small Farm Conference and Fulfillament.

Industry News: Charlie’s in Frankfort is closing and Oryana is communicating about the future of their long-standing buying club.   Albert’s Organics is a new distributor through UNFI who offers organic products and deals.

The 2015 General Membership Meeting will be at TC Central High School on April 16th at 5pm.

Monitoring Report:

2.5 Financial Planning and Budgeting

The GM provided a 2015 business plan called the Oryana Big Picture Playbook.  Included are departmental plans, long-term goals, a yearly budget, sales growth models, financial modeling, performance goals, assumptions, marketing strategies, succession planning and organizational development, information about industry trends, key consumer shifts, the cooperative landscape, peer comparisons and more.  

Motion to accept:        Action: Chris Miller moved.  Holly Jo Sparks seconded.

                                    The Board accepted the General Manager’s monitoring reports on

                                    2.5 Financial Planning and Budgeting.

                                    The Board reached consensus.

Board Development Activity:  Competition Intelligence

Lucky’s Market will be opening a 27,000 square foot retail location in the Horizon Outlet Mall in the old Horizon Cinema building.  Their target opening is 2016.  The GM provided an overview of their business practices and product selection and provided examples of how Oryana will remain competitive.  He and the Oryana Leadership team are utilizing competitor studies, monitoring sales from open Lucky’s Markets, and reaching out to other co-ops who have faced direct competition to ensure that Oryana remains competitive while working toward the expansion and vision set forward in Oryana Imagined,2022.

Next Meeting Review: Date, time and agenda

February 19, 2015 at Oryana

February 10 = March-April newsletter deadline

Include: general membership meeting story/agenda and candidate statements for April general membership meeting; if applicable, proposed by-laws changes

GMM committee or selected person: Check to make sure all candidates who’ve submitted statements to the newsletter are members in good standing
Monitoring Report: 2.4 Financial Condition and Activities – 4th Quarter and full year
Board Development and Educational Activity

Public Input & Discussion:

Tom Slater commented that Marika, Oryana’s former Marketing and Communications Manager, was a valued employee who will be missed.  He requested that the November Board meeting minutes be added to the Board binder at the East entrance.  Tom suggested that Oryana be more robust in their prepared food labeling by providing a rating system for product healthiness.  He criticized the product integrity of ice cream. 

Yuan is grateful for the presentation on Lucky’s Market.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:52pm.

2014 Minutes


The Next Board Meeting

The next meeting is Thursday, April 16, the General Membership Meeting

Time: 5:30 p.m.
Location: T.C. Central High School Cafeteria (map)








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