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2015 Meeting Minutes

2016 Meeting Minutes


Present at the meeting:

Amy Tennis, Jim Dagwell, Chuck Mueller, Chris Miller, Holly Jo Sparks, Chelsea Bay Dennis, Kaitlyn Burns, Sean Burns, Chelsea Bay Dennis

Absent: Rebecca Teahen

Oryana: General Manager:  Steve Nance, Admin Assistant: Gabby Hill, Marketing & Communications Manager: Stephanie Mathewson, Finance Manager: Holly Hall

Special Guest: Dave Blackburn, National Cooperative Grocers’ Development Cooperative

Guests: Yuan Shellby, Ed Dunlap, Jake Bailey, Mary Mooney Nachazel, Richard Vegh, Joe Connolly

Welcome:  Amy convened the meeting at 5:34pm.  Guests were introduced.  Minutes from the last meeting were approved by email. 

Board Calendar: No changes to perpetual calendar.  Monitoring Report 2.5 Financial Planning and Budgeting was deferred until the February meeting.

Public Input: 

Jake Bailey: Requested that the Board grant time for him to identify a means for providing a livable wage for staff. 

Board President response: As wage is an operations issue, the GM has systems in place to receive staff feedback.  Last month’s Monitoring Reports covered this topic thoroughly and the GM’s interpretation of 2.3 Staff Treatment, 2.8 Compensation and Benefits, and Model Workplace, were accepted by the Board.

Chelsea Bay Dennis: The fourth Fulfillament is January 28th.  Oryana is sponsoring and Steve is presenting!

Juan Shellby: Invited the Board and members to an open house at the Community Center on Cherry Bend Rd.

Joe Connolly: Starting a new recycling business for electronics.

GM Report – Steve 

December Draft Numbers: $1.42 million in sales, 13.79% growth, year-to-date below budget, 40,251 monthly customer count, member sales percentage 68.5%, total memberships 7,005 (hit target of 7000 members on New Year’s Eve), member sales $975,302.  3,798 Members used their MAD discounts, an increase from September. 

Oryana Constant Improvement Projects/ Strategic Initiatives: Price Aware, Efficient Meetings, Open Book Management, and a rebranding project is underway. 

The GM was elected to TC Chamber Board of Directors.  Oryana purchased $3,011,612 of locally produced goods (within 100 miles of the co-op) in 2015. 

Lucky’s Market plans to open its Traverse City location by fall of 2016, according to their Facebook page.

Oryana for Good, presented by Stephanie Mathewson: Mill Creek Elementary students followed up an outreach event at their school with an Oryana shopping trip and store tour.  The Outreach Coordinator has done several events at area schools and organizations, including a presentation on savvy shopping at the Disability Network.  Oryana hosted Pathfinder students who chose to spend MLK Day collecting donations for Father Fred, Goodwill, and Leelanau Baby Pantry; Oryana will also donate the January pantry box to these organizations.  Oryana participated again in the Downtown TC Chili Cook-off event. Kudos on social media for demo recipes.  Upcoming events: 2/12 Homeless Awareness Day, 2/21 Hit the Tart Trail.

Committee Report Outs 

Recruitment and Nomination Committee

Chuck presented the 2016 Board Candidate packet.  It is available on the Oryana webpage or through Customer Service.  Candidates no longer submit a 350 word bio, but answer 5 questions for inclusion in the March/April newsletter (due by January 29th.)  Chuck also proposed that the Board table to meet prospective candidates.

GMM Committee

The GMM is scheduled for April 21st at TC Central.  Stephanie is working on the 2015 Annual Report.

Treasurer Report-Out: Board Budget

Jim recommends that the Board Budget remain the same as 2015.  A peer comparison shows that Oryana’s budget allocation of .22% for Board development and activities (CCMA, CBl01) is reasonable.   

Miller Proposed Bylaw Change: Article V: Section 1B, requiring that Board Members maintain active memberships for the duration of their terms.  He will propose verbiage for inclusion in GMM materials for the Oryana membership’s vote.

Board Development Activity:  Competition

The GM presented a comprehensive overview of current and future competitors and shared how Oryana Management and staff are employing strategic initiatives to remain competitive.

Next Meeting Review:  February 18, 2016 in the Oryana Meeting Room

February 10 = March-April newsletter deadline

Include: general membership meeting story/agenda and candidate statements for April general membership meeting; if applicable, proposed by-laws changes

GMM committee or selected person: Check to make sure all candidates who’ve submitted statements to the newsletter are members in good standing
Monitoring Report: 2.4 Financial Condition and Activities – 4th Quarter and full year and 2.5 Financial Planning and Budgeting
Board Development and Educational Activity

The meeting was adjourned at 7:33pm.

The Board entered closed session at 7:39pm for an update on expansion plans.




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