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Light of Day Organics

Light of Day Organic Teas

Angela Macke has a difficult time pinning down which of the tea blends she concocts on her 25 acre certified Demeter biodynamic farm is her favorite. “That’s like asking me which child is my favorite!” she says. Macke founded Light of Day Organics Tea Company in 2004, with her family becoming an integral part of the business; they help to plant, harvest, and package their fair trade certified blends.

Macke grows more than 250 botanicals that she uses in her blends and continuously adds more. Some products such as rooibos, yerba mate, cardamom, cinnamon, black tea, and peppercorns are imported, but all the blending takes place on the farm.

Macke is an RN, educator, and horticulturalist and believes that a holistic approach is the most effective way to restore optimal health and a sense of well-being. She crafts all her teas with this in mind.

“I always pray for guidance on the perfect combination of botanicals to hopefully give the recipient some comfort and restored balance. As time passed, I would just be driving, or in the shower, or working in the garden when I would feel a strong urge and very clear inner knowing about exactly what the next blend would be, what it would be comprised of, and what it’s name would be. I listened and have blended accordingly ever since.”

All the botanicals are hand-harvested, dried in a licensed commercial farm kitchen, meticulously blended and packaged with great care in small batches to promote consistency, maximize freshness and for optimal nutritional benefit.

Her operation includes a retail store, greenhouse, and yurt for special gatherings. She also teaches classes about the benefits of tea and how to prepare it.

You can try Light of Day tea in our café where we have numerous blends available. We also stock many of Angela’s loose teas in the coffee/tea department.

But back to the question of which tea she personally likes best; it depends on the time of day and season. “First thing in the morning and again after lunch, I enjoy matcha smoothies to keep me sharp, healthy, young, flexible, ache-free, and fit.”

For more information about Light of Day Organics, go to lightofdayorganics.com. Or visit her store 3502 E. Traverse Hwy., 8 miles W. of Traverse City on M-72 on the way to Empire. Open Fridays and Saturdays, 10 - 5.



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