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Just Good Chocolate

Fresh Coast Chocolate

What made you decide to start your own chocolate-related business?

I have been passionate about organic food and fair trade for many years and, of course, a huge chocolate lover. It was a dream of mine to merge these passions, along with my love of creating, by crafting organic chocolate from the bean. With the booming craft beer, wine, spirits, and food industries in our area, I felt that craft chocolate would fit in perfectly.

What year did you start?

We launched Just Good Chocolate in 2011 with our Nibblers snack mixes. The machines required to craft chocolate from the bean are very expensive, but rather than wait for the perfect situation or finances, we decided to get started with other products and work our way up to it. Inspired by the legacy of our Great Lakes heritage, we carefully craft our chocolate in small batches from the world's finest ethically-traded and sustainably-grown cacao. We source our beans from farmers who not only take great pride in growing quality cacao, but who are stewards of the land and working to preserve the tradition of cacao farming for future generations.

What do you find most enjoyable about your business?

I love working with cocoa beans and trying different techniques to coax different flavors out of them. It truly is an art and each bean origin has endless possibilities.

What do you find quite challenging?

One of our main challenges is educating people in this area on what craft chocolate is. Although it is huge in cities like New York and San Francisco, most people here have no idea what it takes to make chocolate from the bean, and most think that all chocolate companies make their own chocolate. In fact we are one of only 2 craft chocolate makers in Michigan (the other is Mindo in Dexter). We are very excited to bring this to Northern Michigan!

Where does your chocolate come from? Do you get chocolate or cocao beans?

Right now we use beans from 3 origins - Belize, Madagascar, and Peru - but will work with many different origins as we grow. We make our chocolate from the bean, which sets us apart from other chocolate companies. Our craft is to take cocoa beans and turn them into chocolate, and a chocolatier's craft is to take chocolate that is already made and turn it into wonderful confections.

Anything else you want people to know?

We won the 2017 Good Food Awards for our Belize 70%, Michigan!



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