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Immune Boosters for Children

Immune Boosters for Children

Help keep your kids healthy by making sure they get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet as free as possible from processed foods and excess sugar, and encouraging physical activity. Kids can also benefit from supplemention with immune boosters, especially in winter when they spend more time indoors in close quarters with others. Consider the following list of supplements to try. (This list is not exhaustive.)



Vitamin C

Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, helps fight infections such as colds and flu and can substantially reduce the duration of colds and flu. It is water soluble and children are generally willing to take it in chewable form.


Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is a very kid-friendly herb since it is easily prepared in a syrup form rather then an alcohol based tincture, and has a more pleasant taste.  The extract inhibits flu virus replication in 10 strains of the virus in vitro, and enhances inflammatory and anti inflammatory cyctokines in human cells.


Studies show that children given a good probiotic experience fewer respiratory infections and when they do catch a cold, they get over it faster. You can choose from giving them a probiotic supplement drink or capsule supplement or a probiotic yoghurt. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is produced in our body from exposure to sunshine, but it’s a good idea to supplement, especially in the long, dark winter months. Studies have shown that Vitamin D has the ability to prevent all respiratory infections over the winter in a group of children who had experienced three or more infections the previous year.

Homeopathic Influenzinum and Oscillococcinum

These remedies can be taken as a preventive or at the onset of cold or flu symptoms and is very safe and easily taken by children. These remedies also decrease duration and severity of influenza infections without side effects.


Zinc is a vital mineral for enzymatic function, blood sugar metabolism, protein metabolism and DNA formation. Zinc is one of the most important nutrients for immune function, hormonal regulation and healthy bones, skin and joints. It can assist in keeping recurring ear infection, allergies or respiratory infections at bay.



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