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How to Transplant Seedlings

How to Transplant Seedlings

  1. For most flowers and vegetables, wait until all danger of frost has passed. In Northern Michigan, a safe bet is Memorial Day. Several hours before transplanting seedlings, water the soil in your garden or container thoroughly.
  2. If possible, plant on an overcast day or early or late in the day to ease the shock of transition from pot to ground.
  3. If plants are growing in peat pots, do not take them out. Plant peat pots directly into the soil. Tear a small hole in the bottom of the pot before placing in the planting hole. This will help roots break through the bottom of the peat pot quicker.
  4. If plants are growing in plastic containers, gently press in the sides of the container to loosen it, then carefully remove the plants from the container using the leaves to pull the transplant out (grabbing as many as possible). Or remove each plant from its pot by turning it upside down and tapping lightly on the bottom. Tease the roots out a bit to promote outward growth.
  5. Dig the hole large enough to accommodate the roots without crowding. Gently place the plant in the hole. Press soil firmly around plant. Make sure that the stem is at the same level in the garden as it was in the container (except for tomatoes and peppers which can be planted up to their first set of leaves.) Space the plants according to directions. Water well.
  6. Keep watch over your transplants and water every day until they are well established, usually about a week. For best results, harden the plants off to acclimate them to the harsher conditions of the garden before transplanting.
  7. To harden transplants: Place transplants outside for increasing amounts of time starting at about 8 hours during the warmest part of the day. Work them up to staying out all day, and finally for the last 3 days, they should be out all day and all night.


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