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Oryana Natural Foods Market


Help for the Holidays

Shop at Oryana for Best Quality Ingredients, Organic Produce, Fabulous Homemade Pies, and More!

Seasonal Cooking

Roasted root vegetables, stuffed squash, crisped and cobbled apples...it's easy to eat seasonally during the holidays.


Complete Ham Meal for Christmas

Solo, just the two of you, or small group for dinner? Order a ham plate with fixings...


Sweet Endings

The meal will not be complete without something a little sweet at the end.


How to Roast a Turkey

Instructions for a basic turkey recipe.


Turkey Leftover Ideas

Great ideas for what to do with leftover turkey meat.


How to Make Homemade Turkey Stock

Don't toss that turkey carcass! It's full of mineral goodness and will make delcious stock for soups.

Lake St. Kitchen Party Platters for Holiday Gatherings

Made with mostly organic ingredients. The best quality in town.


Natural Digestion Remedies

There is so much good food at this time of year, it's not hard to overindulge. Remedies to help ease indigestion.