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Guide to Winter Squash

Guide to Winter Squash

Winter squash come in many shapes, sizes and colors – all with their own unique flavors and qualities. When stored properly, squash can last for months, extending our local, seasonal eating on into the winter.

Squash is rich in beta-carotene and potassium and supplies a good amount of calcium, along with Vitamin C and other valuable minerals and fiber. It is easily digested, rich, sweet, and  versatile. Squash can be used as a main dish, a side dish, a soup, in breads and muffins, and as a dessert.

How do you know if a squash is ripe?

Look for one that:

  • is not bruised or cracked and does not contain soft spots
  • has an attached stem
  • is deep in color with a dull rather than shiny skin
  • is heavy for its size with a relatively hard skin

Storing Winter Squash

Squash can be stored for 3 months or more in a cool, dry place between 50-60 degrees, out of direct sunlight and with proper air circulation. Squash should not be refrigerated and can be kept at room temperature for about a month.

Squash Varieties

Acorn Ribbed, dark green in color, develops an orange spot as it matures. A popular baking favorite that is mildly sweet and fleshy.


Carnival This squash has showy stripes of green and gold with a sweet, mellow taste reminiscent of a butternut squash


Turban Named for its shape, it has golden-yellow flesh. Its top can be sliced off so it can be hollowed and filled with soup. has a bright orange-red rind. You can use in recipes that call for pie or sugar pumpkin.


It is dark green and has a sweet and creamy orange flesh. This squash is much sweeter than other winter varieties.

Butternut Pale orange/tan somewhat bell shaped with a large bulbous end. It is fine textured with a firm sweet flesh.

Delicata Elongated yellow/orange or green and tan striped with an edible skin that is said to taste similar to a sweet potato.


Kabocha A green/gray ball-shaped squash that is sweet and rich tasting.



Blue Hubbard
Very large and irregularly shaped, with a warty blue/gray skin. The yellow flesh is very moist and takes longer to cook. Makes good pie.


Sunshine Similar in appearance to a pumpkin has a bright reddish-orange skin, has a tender stringless flesh, with a sweet nutty flavor.

Sweet Dumpling These are tiny, sweet, pumpkin-shaped squash that are great for fun, individual sized servings.

Spaghetti Light yellow, large, elongated. Once baked its flesh resembles spaghetti. Just top with pasta sauce and cheese or butter.


A Quick, Easy Way to Cook Squash

Cut squash in half, scoop out the seeds and place face down on a greased, rimmed baking sheet. Add a little water to the pan and bake at 375 until tender. How long depends on the size of the squash but anywhere from 30 minutes (for small squash) to 1 hour or more. It should be very tender when pierced with a knife. Serve with butter and if desired, brown sugar or maple syrup.

Squash Recipes

Try One of our Recipes Utilizing Winter Squash

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Acorn Squash with Wild Rice Stuffing
Butternut Squash Gratin with Goat Cheese and Hazelnuts
Black Bean Chili with Squash and Swiss Chard
Spiced Winter Squash Bread
Spaghetti Squash Casserole



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