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Oryana Natural Foods Market
260 East Tenth Street | Traverse City, MI 49684 | (231) 947-0191

Monday - Saturday 7:30am-9:00pm | Sunday 9:00am-9:00pm
Cafe open until 8 p.m.

Grocery Specials Not In Flyer

Grocery Co+op Sale Items We Do Not Stock

This is the list of items we do not stock that are featured in our sale flyer for May 31 thru June 20.  We will special order these items for owners starting May 31 until June 16.

Applegate Organic Sliced Turkey Selected Varieties-12/6 oz. packages-$64.68
Organic Valley Organic Sliced Cheese Selected Varieties-12/6 oz. packages-$47.88
Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almondmilk Selected Varieties-8/6.6 oz. cartons-$27.12
Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds Selected Varieties-6/12.7 oz. bags-$15.00
Annie’s Homegrown Organic Popcorn Selected Varieties-12/4-4.4 oz. bags-$36.00
Earth Balance Popcorn Selected Varieties-12/6-7 oz. bags-$36.00
Field Day Organic Fruit Twists Selected Varieties-6/3.8 oz. boxes-$23.94
Hubert’s Lemonade Selected Varieties-12/16 oz. bottles-$18.00
Organic Prairie Beef Organic Mighty Beef Jerky Selected Varieties-8/2 oz. bags-$37.52
Truroots Organic Sprouted Quinoa-6/12 oz. bags-$29.94
Mom’s Best Cereal Selected Varieties-10/14-24 oz. boxes-$25.00
Amy’s Organic Baked Beans Selected Varieties-12/15-15.4 oz. cans-$30.00

This is the list of items we do not stock that are featured in our sale flyer for June 21st thru July 4.  We will special order these items for owners starting June 21 until June 30.

Immaculate Gluten-Free Cookie Dough Selected Varieties-6/14 oz. bags-$17.94
Organic Valley Organic Grassmilk Yogurt Selected Varieties-12/6 oz. cartons-$18.00
Organic Valley Organic American Singles Cheese-12/8 oz. bags-$47.88
Beyond Meat Beef Free Beast Burger-10/8 oz. cartons-$49.90
Blue Sky Zero Calories Soda Selected Varieties-4 12 oz. 6-packs-$14.76
Boulder Canyon Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Selected Varieties-12/5 oz. bags-$19.92
Late July Snacks Organic Restaurant Style Cantina Dippers Selected Varieties-9/8 oz. bags-$22.50
Mother India Organics Indian Dinner Selected Varieties-6/9.3-10.6 oz. bags-$17.94
The Mountain Valley Sparkling Water Selected Varieties-12/1 liter bottles-$19.92
Nature’s Path Organic Organic Love Crunch Granola Selected Varieties-6/11.5 oz. packages-$20.34
Nuttzo Power Fuel Spread Selected Varieties-6/12 oz. bottles-$53.94
Santa Cruz Organic Organic Agua Fresca Selected Varieties-12/32 oz. bottles-$24.00
Nature’s Gate Toothpaste Selected Varieties-6/5-6 oz. tubes-$23.94
Shikai Shampoo or Conditioner Selected Varieties-12 oz. bottle-$5.99 each

This is the list of items we do not stock that are featured in our sale flyer for July 5 thru July 18.  We will special order these items for owners starting July 5 until July 14.

Organic Valley Organic Grassmilk Selected Varieties-6/64 oz. cartons-$29.94
Stonyfield Organic Greek Yogurt Selected Varieties-12/5.3 oz. cartons-$15.00

Dream Frozen Almond Bites Selected Varieties-8/6.6 oz. cartons-$27.12

Talenti Gelato Selected Varieties-8/16 oz. cartons-$28.00

Pok Pok Som Vinegar Sodas Selected Varieties-6/12 oz. 4-packs-$29.94

Popcorn Indiana Popcorn Selected Varieties-12/4.4-8 oz. bags-$28.68

Que Pasa Organic Tortilla Chips Selected Varieties-12/12.3-16 oz. bags-$32.28

Sweetleaf Organics Organic Stevia-35 ct. pack-$2.69 each

Seventh Generation Bath Tissue-4/12 roll packs-$26.76

Jarrow Formulas Jarro-Dophilus EPS-60 ct. bottle-$16.99 each

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega-180 ct. bottle-$53.99 each

Oregon’s Wild Harvest Milk Thistle-90 ct. bottle-$19.99 each

This is the list of items we do not stock that are featured in our sale flyer for July 19 thru August 1st.   We will special order these items for owners starting July 19th until July 28.

Applegate Hot Dogs Selected Varieties-12/10 oz. packs-$47.88

Bhakti Ready-to-Drink Chai Selected Varieties-12/16 oz. bottles-$40.68

Chobani Greek Yogurt Selected Varieties-12/5.3 oz. cartons-$12.00

Liberte Organic Whole Milk Yogurt Selected Varieties-12/5.5 oz. cartons-$15.00

Silk Soy Yogurt Selected Varieties-6/24 oz. cartons-$23.94

Quorn Meat-Free Chik’nPatties-12/10.6 oz. boxes-$47.88

Sambazon Organic Acai Berry Fruit Packs Selected Varieties-15/4 pack 100g packs-$74.85

Beanfields Bean Chips Selected Varieties-6/5.5-6 oz. bags-$15.00

Blue Sky Natural Soda Selected Varieties-4/12 oz. 6-packs-$12.00

Honest Organic Lemonade Selected Varieties-12/32 oz. bottles-$19.92

Hubert’s Lemonade Selected Varieties-12/16 oz. bottles-$19.92

Late July Snacks Organic Multigrain Tortilla Chips Selected Varieties-12/5.5oz. bags-$24.00

Paqui Tortilla Chips Selected Varieties-12/5.5 oz. bags-$28.68

Citra-Solv Homesolv Dish Liquid Selected Varieties-12/25 oz. bottles-$40.68




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