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Grocery Specials Not In Flyer

Grocery Co+op Sale Items We Do Not Stock

This is the list of items we do not stock that are featured in our sale flyer for August 16 thru August 29.   We will special order these items for owners starting August 16 until August 25.

Organic Prairie Organic Deli Slices Selected Varieties-10/6 oz. packages-$59.90

Crofter’s Organic Premium Fruit Spread Selected Varieties-6/16.5 oz. jars-$23.94

Gomacro Organic Thrive Bar Selected Varieties-12/1.4 oz. bars-$16.00

RXBar Protein Bar Selected Varieties-12/1.83 oz. bars-$21.48
Quorn Meat-Free Chik’n Nuggets-8/10.5 oz. boxes-$31.92

Bakery on Main Oats Selected Varieties-4/24 oz. bags-$15.96

Late July Snacks Organic Thin & Crispy Cantina Dippers/Tortilla Chips Selected Varieties-9/8 oz. bags-$22.50

Julie’s Organic Ice Cream Selected Varieties-8/pints-$31.92

Blue Sky Natural Soda Selected Varieties-4 6-pack/12 oz. cans-$10.00

Blue Sky Zero Calorie Soda Selected Varieties- 4/ 6-pack/12 oz. cans-$14.76

Maranatha Almond Butter Selected Varieties-6/12 oz. jars-$47.94

Late July Snacks Clasicos Tortilla Chips Selected Varieties-12/5.5 oz. bags-$24.00

Earth Balance Peanut Butter Selected Varieties-12/16 oz. jars-$47.88

Cascadian Farm Organic Granola Bars Selected Varieties-12/6.2-7.4 oz. packages-$36.00

Larabar Fruits + Greens Bar Selected Varieties-15/1.24 oz. bars-$18.75

Seventh Generation Liquid Laundry Detergent Selected Varieties-4/100 oz. bottles-$39.96

This is the list of items we do not stock that are featured in our sale flyer for August 30 thru September 19.  We will special order these items for owners starting August 30 until September 15.

Applegate Naturals Sliced Turkey Selected Varieties-12/7 oz. packages-$47.88

Almond Dream Non-Dairy Yogurt Selected Varieties-12/6 oz. cartons-$15.96

Rice Dream Enriched Rice Drink Selected Varieties-8/64 oz. cartons-$31.92

Stonyfield Yokids Organic Yogurt Cups Selected Varieties-4/4 oz. 6-packs-$13.56

Amy’s Pizza Selected Varieties-8/12-13 oz. boxes-$47.92

Blue Sky Organic Soda Selected Varieties-4/12 oz. 6-packs-$14.76

Hubert’s Lemonade Selected Varieties-12/16 oz. bottles-$19.92

Just Coffee Co-op Coffee Selected Varieties-12 oz. bag-$8.99 each

Kii Naturals Organic Artisan Crisps Selected Varieties-12/5.3 oz. bags-$52.68

Lundberg Family Farms Organic Wild Grain Dinner Mix Selected Varieties-6/6 oz. bags-$15.00

Made in Nature Organic Dried Apricots-12/6 oz. bags-$47.88

Organic Valley Organic Fuel Protein Shake Selected Varieties-12/11 oz. bottles-$35.88

Once Again Organic Peanut Butter Selected Varieties-12/16 oz. jars-$71.88

Popcorn Indiana Popcorn Selected Varieties-12/4.4-8 oz. bags-$28.68

Seventh Generation Bath Tissue-4/12 ct. 300C rolls-$31.96

Spectrum Fish Oil-1,000mg/250 ct. bottles-$21.99 each

Nature’s Gate Toothpaste Selected Varieties-6/5-6 oz. tubes-$23.94

This is the list of items we do not stock that are featured in our sale flyer for September 20 thru October 3.   We will special order these items for owners starting September 20 until September 29.

Chameleon Cold-Brew Organic Ready-to-Drink Coffee Selected Varieties-12/10 oz. bottles-$40.68

Chobani Greek Yogurt Selected Varieties-12/5.3 oz. cartons-$12.00

Stonyfield Organic Grassfed Yogurt Selected Varieties-6/24 oz. cartons-$23.94

Alden’s Organic Organic Ice Cream Bars Selected Varieties-12/12-14 oz. cartons-$42.00

Tres Latin Foods Pupusas Selected Varieties-8/2.5 oz. 4-packs-$31.92

Boulder Canyon Potato Chips Selected Varieties-12/5 oz. bags-$24.00

Blue Sky Natural Soda Selected Varieties-4/12 oz. 6-packs-$12.00

Clif Kid Organic Zbars Selected Varieties-12/7.62 oz. bars-$35.88

Field Day Organic Fruit Twists Selected Varieties-8/3.8 oz. boxes-$31.92

Good Health Veggie Snacks Selected Varieties-10/6.57 oz. bags-$30.00

Mavuno Harvest Organic Dried Fruit Selected Varieties-6/2 oz. bags-$15.00

Mom’s Best Cereals Cereal Selected Varieties-10/14-14 oz. boxes-$25.00

Near East Dinner Mix Selected Varieties-12/5.2-10 oz. boxes-$19.92

Paqui Tortilla Chips Selected Varieties-12/5.5 oz. bags-$28.68

Truroots Organic Sprouted Quinoa-6/12 oz. bags-$29.94

Vermont Smoke & Cure Min Meat Sticks Selected Varieties-8/.5 oz. 6-packs-$31.92

Woodstock Organic Thompson Raisins-8/13 oz. bags-$39.92

Green Forest Bath Tissue Selected Varieties-12/4-packs-$39.84

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Selected Varieties-7.4-8.5 oz. container-$19.99 each

Navitas Organics Organic Superfood+ Bar Selected Varieties-12/1.4 oz. bars-$15.96




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