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Food Issues

Food Issues

As an Oryana member or shopper, we know you care about good food. We all know how important high quality food is for the health and well-being of, not only our bodies, but the environment and community as well. How food is produced has a tremendous impact on our world, from farm to table and every step in between.

We at Oryana want to provide timely and important information about food-related topics to help you make informed choices about what to eat.

To Gluten Or Not

Is the gluten-free craze just marketing hype or a real issue?


The Canola Conundrum

Canola oil has been vilified off and on over the decades but is it really that bad?


Genetically Modified Foods

Learn about genetically modified foods, as well as how genetically modified organisms jeopardize consumer health, the environment, and the livelihoods of farmers.


The Decline of Bees

Bees are dying at an unprecedented rate due to a variety of factors but primarily due to a class of pesticides called neonicotinoids. Bees are responsible for pollinating many foods and their decline poses a serious threat to our food supply.

Organic Farming

What's the big deal about 'organic?' Learn about whether organic food is more nutritious and what the real "cost" of organic food is. What does 'organic' on a label mean? All about Oryana's certification as an organic retailer.

Sustainable Seafood

Fishing practices worldwide are damaging our oceans, depleting fish populations, destroying habitats and polluting the water. We can help turn the tide.


Fair Trade

Public support for Fairtrade is on the rise worldwide with shoppers increasingly expecting businesses to be more accountable and fair in dealing with producers in developing countries.


Agave Syrup

Is agave syrup everything it's cracked up to be? The reality of this popular sweetener is different than many claims suggest.




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