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Oryana Natural Foods Market
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Everyday Value Program

Everyday Value at Oryana

Offering Special Savings on Everyday items Throughout the Year


At Oryana, offering high-quality food, produced in ecologically sound ways, at fair value to the community is ultimately why we exist. We are passionate about food; you might even call us "foodies." To us, food is truly foundational medicine. What we eat (and think) in essence determines who we are.

This is why we believe that good food should not be hard to get or expensive. Yet we know there is the perception out there that Oryana is "high-priced." This viewpoint has been with us since our inception and may always be with us. Perhaps it's because when Oryana figures out a price, we factor in a lot of variables. Questions like: Is the farmer getting a fair deal? Are we adding in enough of a profit margin to ensure that the Co-op can thrive into the future? Do we choose the higher quality product that may cost more because we know it's a healthier choice for you? The answer to all of these questions is of course, yes.

But ultimately it's because many times the basic wholesale price of an organic food item is higher than what a typical conventional food item retails for. As Steve Nance, Oryana's General Manager puts it, "Even our food at cost will seem expensive compared to conventional food because Oryana pays more for organic bananas than what Meijer sells conventional bananas for."

When it comes right down to it, our philosophy is not "every day low price", it's Everyday Value because of all the factors we figure in. We don't want to put something on the shelves just because it's "cheap." We put it on our shelves because we believe it offers real value to your lives.

At the same time though we want to make good food accessible to as many people as possible; especially during these hard economic times. Returning value (in all of its facets) to you and the larger community is a big part of who we are. Therefore, on approximately 50 items throughout the store, we have pledged to keep these items at the lowest possible prices we can. On many basic, staple items like bananas, flour, cereal, milk and peanut butter you'll see the shelf tag reflect a lower price. On these items, the Co-op is willing to make less than our basic profit margin and pass those savings on to you.

Look for the blue Everyday Value sign right on the shelf to find those items we're including. As we fine-tune the program, we may add or omit some items in order to make the Everyday Value Program even more valuable for you!


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