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Erg! Bars

Erg! Bars

Sometimes you just can’t take another bad _______ (fill in the blank awful product) and resolve to make the product yourself. That’s what happened after Dennis Bean-Larsen, a competitive bicyclist, ate his umpteenth mediocre energy bar in 2011 and decided to make some at home from scratch. After much experimentation, one ruined blender, and encouragement from friends, this experience evolved into a business where he and his wife Katy now make and distribute 2000 bars a week.

After renting space in other commercial kitchens to make their bars, they built their own 1500 square foot facility in Traverse City to accommodate the growing business. They developed processes to streamline production but the bars are essentially hand-made by the couple.

Dennis and Katy are currently the sole employees of their company.  With an increased production capacity and a marketing direction in place, Dennis envisions significant and profitable growth in volume over the next 3-5 years. They therefore plan to hire a sales associate and production assistant in the near future.

Erg Bars are dense, fruit and nut bars good for people on the go or for a leisurely coffee break. They are made from gluten-free and GMO-free ingredients and contain no preservatives, just real fruit and nuts and other natural ingredients. They are extremely stable due to their natural pH levels and low water content and will keep for up to six months.

They currently have seven flavors of bars wrapped in clear packaging so you can see exactly what you are eating: cashew raisin, apple ginger, apricot peanut butter, lemon blueberry, chocolate cherry, orange espresso, and pecan date. New in the works right now are vanilla sesame and chocolate hemp, as well as a few seasonal flavors. Dennis’ favorite is the apricot p’butter and Katy’s is the pecan date.

What Dennis finds most challenging about their business is balancing all of the different things that need to be done every day.  And something particularly enjoyable about the business? Dennis explains: “Katy got a phone call this morning from a gal who was eating an Apricot P’Butter bar that she’d just bought. She said it was just about the best thing she’d ever eaten and she wanted to know more. Totally unsolicited responses like this make our day.”

For more info about Erg check out their website at: erg-bar.com



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