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Dr. Tim's Pet Food

Growing up in Detroit, Dr. Tim Hunt knew when he was 11 that he wanted to be a vet. He also knew he wanted to go north to enjoy the outdoors. But he never imagined that he would end up moving to Marquette in the Upper Peninsula, starting his own veterinary hospital, or owning 35 Alaskan huskies. He also never expected that his passion around pet nutrition would lead to another business venture, Dr Tim’s Pet Food Company.

Dr. Tim is an accomplished musher who has raced all over the world. “Spending time with my dogs in the wilderness, observing them and studying them, I have learned the importance of fueling them correctly,” Dr. Tim explains. “Through trial and error I succeeded in developing a feeding program centered around metabolism to promote optimal health and performance.” Leveraging this knowledge and science across the board, Dr. Tim’s Pet Foods was born. His goal is to create a healthier, longer life for all pets, regardless of their activity level.

Dr. Tim’s primary sources of protein are chicken, fish and egg, all high quality and highly digestible. Proper ratios of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are incorporated, as well as prebiotics and probiotics to maintain and/or restore a healthy digestive system in dogs.

What Dr. Tim finds particularly rewarding about this venture is that he can reach many more animals than just through his own veterinary practice. Through nutrition he feels he can have a very positive impact on the overall health of many pets. What he finds challenging is dealing with the distribution of the products.  A smaller business going up against the huge pet food companies is not easy.

Dr. Tim started his pet food company eight years ago and now produces the products at a family-owned facility in Lisbon, Ohio. He currently sells throughout the USA, Japan, and parts of Asia and Europe. In our area, Dr. Tim’s is only available at Oryana. For more information visit drtims.com.



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