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Cooking Sprouted Grains

Cooking with Sprouted Grains

Why You Should be Soaking or Sprouting All Your Grains and Legumes

Throughout history, grains have either sprouted accidentally by being left out in the elements after harvesting or intentionally by our smart ancestors to make them more digestible. Modern techniques have eliminated happenstance sprouting but this has not been a boon to our health.

Phytic Acid – The Anti Nutrient

Grains and legumes have a built-in growth inhibitor called phytic acid, which keeps them from germinating until temperature and moisture conditions are just right. Phytic acid, also called phytates, blocks phosphorus absorption and binds with other minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc, making them unavailable as well. It also inhibits enzymes needed to digest food. Overconsumption of phytic acid can lead to mineral depletion, especially for people in developing countries where grain based foods make up the majority of the diet.

So What Exactly is a Sprouted Grain?

A sprouted grain or legume has gone through the process of partial-germination. Our ancestors understood the unhealthy dynamics of raw grains and legumes, hence their food preparation techniques included soaking, fermenting, sourdough-making, and sprouting to neutralize the phytic acid and increase the nutritional value and make digestion easier.

How to Cook Sprouted Grains

You can soak and sprout grains and legumes yourself (read how here), or you can purchase them presprouted. The bulk department at Oryana now carries presprouted quinoa and lentils and germinated brown rice. You can find them in the refrigerated nut cooler. Here are basic recipes for preparing them.

Sprouted Lentils

1 cup sprouted lentils
Salt to taste

Rinse lentils and place in a pot. Cover with water and bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer until tender, about 15 minutes. Add salt the last 5 minutes of cooking. Drain. Makes about 2 cups.

Germinated Brown Rice

1 cup germinated brown rice
2 cups water
Pinch salt

Combine rice, salt, and water in a heavy pot with a tight-fitting lid. Bring to a boil, cover, reduce heat to low, and simmer until all the water is absorbed, about 25 minutes. Remove from heat. Let stand, covered, for 10 minutes. Makes 2 cups.

Sprouted Quinoa

1 cup sprouted quinoa
1 3/4 cups water
Pinch salt

Combine quinoa and salt with water in a heavy pot. Bring to a boil, cover, reduce heat to low, and simmer until water is absorbed, about 15 minutes. Let stand, covered for 5 minutes.



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