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Cherry Works

Cherry Works

Michelle White’s life purpose has been to help people. While at first she didn’t know what that looked like, she knew tha’s what she wanted to do. She spent a great deal of time going to college and traveling to find her direction in life.
It was in 1999 when Michelle discovered something that would change her life. She was attending college, raising her identical twin boys, and working at a fruit processing plant where she had many encounters with people coming in and asking for their tart cherry concentrate. The processing plant didn’t even charge them as it was considered a by-product. However, the recipients claimed it helped with their aches and pains.

Soon after that, a woman called stating she recently heard a radio story touting the fact that tart cherry concentrate had many healing properties and wondered how she could purchase it. That was it for Michelle. In an instant she had a vision – to educate the public about the power of tart cherries and offer a new product.

She then started researching the benefits of tart cherries and knew she had found what she was looking for. She went to her entrepreneur father and asked for his help to create a business plan. So in 2001 Michelle took a leap of faith on “a pit and a prayer,” and started Leland Cherry Company.

Fast forward four years. Her money was running out and the company was in serious financial trouble. Michelle then approached John W. Fisher of Fisher Properties of Indiana, the grandfather of a long time friend, and asked for a business loan. He agreed, wrote a large check and even accepted a handwritten IOU as collateral. Michelle will always be grateful to Fisher Properties of Indiana.

By 2008, Leland Cherry Company was growing rapidly and Michelle sought outside investors. In September of that same year she changed the company’s name to Michelle’s Miracle®, was reincorporated into a Delaware Corporation and attracted the additional investors she needed. Today Michelle’s Miracle sells Cherry Works™ Tart Cherry Dietary Supplements currently available in three different varieties as well as Cherry Works Tablets and Chewable Tablets.
Michelle uses Michigan montmorency tart cherries in her products. The products are produced in a facility in Grawn, Michigan and are tested in independent labs for pesticide residue. (The products contain no pesticide residues.)
What Michelle finds most challenging about her business is performing so many different roles.  And as the years go by the roles change. What she most enjoys about her business is working with people and interacting with customers.

Visit Cherry Works website at: cherryworks.net



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