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Champion Hill Farm

Champion Hill Farm

Greg Griswold of Champion Hill Farm in Beulah started small-scale beekeeping in 1983. His interest in beekeeping stems from his fascination with bees and what amazing creatures they are. He started out working part-time at Jone’s Bee Yards, now Sleeping Bear Farms, and his interest grew from there. His full-time business was born in 2009 and Griswold never grows tired of his industrious insects as they always have something new to teach him.

He has approximately 150 hives overwintering this season. Most of his hives are located in rural fields where the star thistle plant grows wild. Honey produced by the star thistle flower has a sweet and mild flavor.

What Griswold particularly enjoys about his occupation is working outdoors, as well as the relationships he is building through sales of his honey. He finds the local community quite supportive of his endeavor and greatly appreciates the network of friends acquired through his business.

What he finds most challenging is the ongoing effort to ensure the health of the bees in the face of increasing environmental threats. To keep the bees in good shape, he provides individualized attention to each hive and uses organic methods for integrated pest management.

His honey is available raw and lightly processed. He also sells pollen and beeswax in season. A favorite way that Griswold enjoys his honey is with plain yogurt and oatmeal.

In addition to Oryana, Champion Hill Farm honey is also sold at Burritt’s, Mary’s Kitchen Port, Honor Family Market, and various farmer’s markets throughout the region.

For more information go to championhillfarm.com