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Bulk Specials

Bulk Specials for November

The following items are 10% off:

  • brazil nut    
  • chia seed    
  • wheat germ    
  • 7 grain cereal    
  • Bhutanese red rice    
  • prunes    
  • allergy free choc chips    
  • sugar    
  • walnuts    
  • sucanat    
  • gluten-free organic oats    
  • gluten-free all-purpose flour    
  • pecan pieces    
  • tamari almonds    
  • pistachios    
  • green split peas    
  • wild rice blend    
  • whole spelt flour    
  • white spelt flour    
  • pink salt    
  • vanilla extract    
  • sprouted  almonds    
  • apricots    
  • pistachio meat raw    
  • pistachio meat salted    
  • pistachio hickory smoked    
  • pistachio chile lemon    
  • roasted salted cashews    
  • cranberry harvest trail mix    
  • Wheat and salt free granola from Grandy Oats   
  • high antioxidant trail mix    
  • balsamic vinegar    
  • olive oil    
  • black rice    
  • black lentils

Organic Coffees on Sale $9.99/lb

  • Organic French Roast
  • Organic Mind Body Soul
  • Organic Love Buzz
  • Organic Midnight Sun


The following items are on sale this month through Co+op Deals

November 5 - December 2

medjool dates $6.69/lb  
pecan halves   $12.99/lb
cranberries  $5.89/lb  
organic cinnamon powder  $5.39/lb
carob chips    $5.69/lb
peanut sundrops   $8.69/lb
plain sundrops    $6.69/lb
chocolate espresso beans  $10.99/lb 
milk chocolate almonds    $7.99/lb
fair trade chocolate chips    $6.99/lb
chocolate coconut haystacks    $14.69/lb
yogurt raisins    $6.99/lb

November 5 - 18
oats   $1.19/lb
25 lb bag oats    $29.75/ea.
short brown rice $1.69/lb  
long brown rice    $1.99/lb

November 19 - December 2
thompson raisins    $3.49/lb
peanuts    $3.99/lb
grind your own peanut butter    $3.99/lb
green lentils    $1.69/lb
dark chocolate almonds   $9.99/lb
tamari sunflower seeds    $4.36/lb
oriental rice mix   $3.99/lb

Bulk Tip: Spelt Flour

Spelt is a distant cousin to our modern day varieties of wheat. Spelt flour contains gluten, so people with celiac disease or gluten allergies cannot eat it, but many people with mild wheat allergies can tolerate spelt. Spelt has a nice nutty flavor, a delicate taste, and a good nutritional profile. It has more protein than conventional wheat. You can substitute spelt flour for wheat flour in any recipe.






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