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Bulk Specials

Bulk Specials for December

The following items are 10% off:

  • White figs    
  • Black figs   
  • Currants    
  • Chocolate pretzels    
  • Vit c gummies    
  • Cracked freekeh    
  • Dragon fruit    
  • Pumpkin seeds roasted   
  • Pumpkin seeds spicy    
  • Mango    
  • Organic Flame Raisins    
  • Organic Golden Flax Seeds    
  • Organic Crystalized Ginger    
  • Goldenberry    
  • Glad Corn    
  • Organic Apricots    
  • Coconut chips    
  • Vanilla Extract    
  • All purpose flour    
  • Bread flour    
  • Pastry flour    
  • 32/8 Bean & veggie soup blend    
  • Harvest porridge    
  • Curry cashews    
  • Cajun cashews    
  • Mulberries    
  • Salted mixed nuts    
  • Raw mixed nuts    
  • Maple cranberry walnuts    
  • Papya spears  
  • Various medicinal herbs

Organic Coffees on Sale 

  • Equal Exchange Org. French Roast $8.99/lb
  • Organic French Roast Decaf $12.99/lb

The following items are on sale this month through Co+op Deals

December 3 - 16

walnuts $12.99/lb  
pecan halves   $12.99/lb
cranberries  $5.89/lb  
brown basmati rice $2.19/lb
white basmati rice $2.39/lb
carob chips    $5.69/lb
peanut sundrops   $8.69/lb
plain sundrops    $6.69/lb
chocolate espresso beans  $10.99/lb 
milk chocolate almonds  $11.69/lb
milk chocolate raisins $7.99/lb
fair trade chocolate chips   $6.99/lb
chocolate coconut haystacks   $14.99/lb
yogurt raisins   $6.99/lb

December 17 - 30
oats   $1.19/lb
25 lb bag oats   $29.75/ea.
medjool dates $6.69/lb  
pistachios   $9.39/lb
red lentils $2.19/lb

Bulk Tip: Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is indigenous to Central America but is grown in Asia as well. It tastes mildly sweet and similar to a cross between a kiwi and a pear. Dragon fruit is rich in phytonutrients, contains good fatty acids, and has several B vitamins. It is rich in lycopene, which helps protect against cancer and heart disease and is good to eat for detoxing.







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