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The 2012 Farm Bill a Done Deal?

November 1, 2011, 9:11 am

In late October the Agriculture Committee leadership proposed to rewrite the food and farm bill in 2 weeks , 2 WEEKS! –circumventing what would normally be a year-long process and they have been doing it behind closed doors! This would be the fastest food and farm bill decision-making process in history and it's being decided without our input.

Today, November 1, is the day that the Democratic and Republican leadership of the US House and Senate Agriculture Committees intend to submit a proposal  to the “Super Committee” which would effectively authorize a new 5 year Farm Bill outside of the established legislative process.

If the Joint Select Committee approves such a proposal it would endorse a Farm Bill that preserves the wasteful, unhealthy approach of decades past.  Congress would have no opportunity to consider any amendments to whatever terms are agreed to by the Chairs and Ranking Members of the Agriculture Committees nor will they even have an opportunity to have a separate up-or-down vote on the Farm Bill.

This plan will set a dangerous precedent and undermine any attempts at essential and common sense reforms to US food policy that are necessary for a prosperous and healthy society and environment.  Now is the time when we need transparency and public awareness, not secrecy and subterfuge, to the Farm Bill debate. This is a horrid attempt to subvert the democratic process.

So we will wait until tomorrow to see what happened. In the meantime it seems as though the voices of Occupy Wall Street are not only going unheard, they are being actively thwarted. Big agriculture, althought they may sustain some cuts, will most likely be the biggest winners, again, in the 2012 Farm Bill.

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