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Summer Grilling

May 18, 2018, 12:00 am

What could be better on a gorgeous summer evening than the aroma of something sizzling on the grill?

Grill Tips

Start with a clean grill. After heating, use a grill brush to remove charred bits.

Direct and Indirect Heat

Grilling uses two different cooking methods:  direct and indirect heat. With direct heat cooking, food is placed on the cooking rack directly over hot coals.  Indirect heat is used for more delicate foods, and for the longer cooking times needed for larger cuts of meat.  Always cover the grill when using indirect heat.

Gauging the Grill Temperature

Learning the temperature of the grills is the only trick in direct heat grilling.  If you use a gas grill, pay attention to the heat settings.  On a charcoal grill (if you’re very careful), you can check the temperature by holding your hand, palm down, over the coals at the cooking height.  Count the number of seconds you can hold your hand there before you have to pull it away.

  • 5 seconds – Low
  • 4 seconds – Medium
  • 3 seconds – Medium High
  • 2 seconds – High

Summer will be over before you know it, so grab your tongs, and get grillin’!

Cooking Tips

  1. Keep food from sticking by rubbing grill with vegetable oil or cooking spray. You can soak a paper towel with cooking oil and use tongs to hold the paper towel.
  2. Leave space around each food item on the grill to allow for even cooking and smoke penetration.
  3. Turn meat just once on the grill. For steaks, turn them when the juices start to bubble on the uncooked side (the clearer the juice, the more well done the meat).
  4. Use tongs to turn meat, rather than a meat fork, to avoid piercing and losing juices.
  5. Apply sauces containing honey, brown sugar or molasses during the last 10 minutes to prevent the sauce from burning.
  6. To avoid flare-ups, trim the excess fat from meat.  Keep a spray bottle filled with water handy to extinguish flare-ups.
  7. Bring foods to a cool room temperature before grilling. Cold foods may burn on the outside before the interior is cooked.
  8. Marinades add flavor to meats and vegetables, and help tenderize less tender cuts of meat.  If marinade is also to be used for a dipping sauce, reserve some before adding uncooked foods.

Grilling Vegetables

  • Make sure your veggies have enough oil to prevent them from sticking to the grill but not so much that it drips and causes flare ups.
  • To evenly cook vegetable kabobs, parboil solid or starchy vegetables such as yams or potatoes before they are threaded onto skewers for grilling.
  • You can wrap some veggies in foil along with some seasonings and olive oil and cook them on the grill. Place a large piece of foil on the counter and arrange thinly sliced vegetables in a single layer, slightly overlapping, on the foil. Leave a 2-inch border on all sides. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt, pepper, and herbs/seasonings of your choice. Fold foil over and pinch the edges together, making a packet. Place the packet on the grill and cook until the vegetables are tender about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on what kind of veggies you are cooking. Zucchini will cook up fast but potatoes will take longer. When you open the packets, be very careful of the steam.
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