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Should You Get a Flu Shot?

December 18, 2013, 12:46 pm

By Heather Campbell, MS, RD, Shoreline Center for Healing

Every Rite-Aid or CVS I pass tells the season of influenza is approaching.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) encourage children and elderly over the age of 65 get the flu vaccine.  These vaccines are a substance containing either dead or live strains of influenza virus that is injected into the patient to cause an immune response in the body against the virus-containing vaccine and hopefully prevent future illness due to exposure to influenza. There are, however, some flaws and disadvantages to this method.

Firstly, foreign substances, whether a processed-food or chemical, are not meant to be placed into the body.  The incidences of autoimmune disease are on the rise due to the excessive intake of highly-processed foods and new vaccines for every illness.  These reactions are due to the foreign proteins and toxic substances (the vaccine strain and preservatives within the vaccine) being injected into the body creating an unnatural response in the body. 

Studies have shown that individuals who have had five flu shots over a ten year period, have increased their risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease by ten times.  They attribute this to the amounts of aluminum and mercury, heavy metals that accumulate in the brain.  For example, a flu vaccine product called Fluzone, given at every Rite Aid and Walgreen’s in America has the following “other” ingredients:

  1. Formaldehyde – this is a known carcinogen and is highly toxic at any dose.
  2. Octylphenol Ethoxylate – better known as Triton X.  A surfactant (to help get drugs into solution) and stated in the product safety sheet to “not likely” cause injury when ingested.
  3. Thimerosal – better known as mercury.  Mercury distributes to all tissues in the body, distrupting the nervous system causing brain dysfunction, cardiovascular arrhythmia and eventually death if consumed in larger amounts.

Secondly, these vaccines are not as effective as the CDC or medical professionals note in books or the internet. This is because, in most cases, the vaccines are only fragments of the real virus.  If the body recognizes the protein as being foreign, this immune response may not create the correct antibodies when the actual, whole, virus has infiltrated the body at a future date.  In addition, the CDC cannot accurately predict what strain of the influenza will occur every flu season.  Past years have revealed that the vaccine introduced for that year’s flu-season was not the correct strain.  During one flu epidemic, one hospital emergency ward claimed that out of 32 people who were vaccinated, 30 ended up with the flu. 

In another study, results showed that nursing homes during the flu season had a much higher death rate than the previous year even though there was a 100% vaccination rate. 

The Canadian Government reported in their communicable disease report that between August and March of 2004, a total of 68,849 laboratory tests for influenza were reported of which 10,319 tested positive for influenza.  This translates to only 14.9% samples showed evidence of influenza viruses.  The remaining “influenza-like illnesses” (81%) were due to other pathogens that the vaccine did not protect against.

Lastly, immunity suppression occurs when vaccines are administered.  Ironically, flu shots are given to the already immune-suppressed (the elderly and young children) thereby suppressing their immune further, making them susceptible to other virus and bacteria.  Many influenza-like illnesses (ILI) occur due to this suppression.

We need to build and keep strong, healthy, immune systems.  Plenty of sleep, exercise, and an alkaline diet can help the body fend off any viruses.  Additional nutrients for a strong immune system include vitamin A, C, B6, B12, garlic, and zinc.  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study that found vitamin D was eight times more effective in preventing flu than the flu vaccinesa

Written by Heather Campbell, MS RD, Shoreline Center for Healing in Traverse City, Michigan


Posted by Heather Campbell, MS RD at 12:46 pm
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