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Oryana Supports Food Rescue of Northwest Michigan

February 22, 2012, 2:02 pm

Food Rescue is a program of Goodwill Industries of Northern Michigan.  Its mission is to put good food to good use.  Food Rescue’s method is simply to rescue perishable and prepared foods and beverages and deliver them, same day and free-of-charge to organizations that serve hungry people.  Through Food Rescue, individuals and families who rely on the emergency food system have access to fresh vegetables, fruits and other wholesome foods that are typically not part of food pantry stock.

Photo by Manistee Community Kitchen

In the summer of 2011 Food Rescue marked an important milestone. Since its inception they rescued over 1,000,000 pounds of nutritious food – half of which was collected in 2011 alone. The total 2011 annual poundage was 491,177 lbs.

Food Rescue now serves 50 food pantries, community meal programs, and homeless shelters – a 13% increase over the previous year. Food Rescue’s list of donors has grown 9.6% to 160 donors.

Food Rescue has become a “go to” organization for nutritional initiatives. Several local organizations voiced their need for nutritional education.  Food Rescue was instrumental in bringing Cooking Matters (a cooking and nutrition program directed to low income families) to our area. Cooking Matters is now used by MSU-Extension, TCAPS, Munson Medical Center, etc.  As word of our program spreads, farmers and food distributors have reached out to us to establish partnerships.

Food Rescue’s success helps other non-profits to succeed - we reduce their food costs, are a knowledgeable resource, and have initiated cooperation between local organizations. During the last year, Food Rescue saved Father Fred almost $115,000 and the Goodwill Inn Homeless Shelter about $44,000.   These two large human service agencies have been able to use the money saved to impact their other important support programs, which serve local people in need.

Oryana and Food Rescue have been supporters of one and other for many years and would like to extend their passion of good healthy food to the community.  Please come support both Oryana and Food Rescue Wednesday, February 29th.  The day will be full of vendor demos, tasty samples, and prizes!

Posted by Lilly Nowicki at 2:02 pm
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