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October is National Co-op Month

October 23, 2017, 12:00 am

October is National Cooperative Month. This year’s theme is “Co-ops Commit.” What does this mean? Well, it means that cooperatives commit in many ways to meeting the needs of their members and communities. Food co-ops first started out accomplishing just this, to provide high quality food at fair prices to members. Co-ops fill many other needs in other industries as well such as banking, childcare, housing, and electricity, to name a few.

The cooperative business model is unique and does not operate the same way as other businesses, with just one owner, perhaps a high paid CEO, employees and customers. What makes co-ops so special is that they are equally owned and operated by all of their members. Co-ops represent democracy in action, with control exercised by a board of directors elected from the ranks of members; the board hires and directs management and is ultimately responsible to the members. Co-ops do not have to answer to outside shareholders; they care about meeting their members’ needs.

For food co-ops such as Oryana, members (or owners as we like to call you) vote with a fork, so to speak, by purchasing organic and locally grown and made products. As a part-owner, you have an equal say in the co-op’s operations and future. Suggestions, comments, and questions are encouraged and we are here to stock and sell what you want.

You influence all the buying decisions, from avoiding GMOs, transfats, and artificial ingredients in products to never purchasing factory farmed meat and eggs. You value a system where local farmers are paid fairly for their high quality, organic produce. You support sustainable practices overall in food production. Thanks you to you, our owners, Oryana can boast a robust ownership that cares about how food is produced and that is firmly rooted in our community.

Not only is the business model unique, our staff and owners/customers are too. We are a dynamic and diverse group of folks who have thoughts, opinions and ideas about the kind of food we want to eat and the type of business we want to support, one that has a quadruple bottom line: people, purpose, planet, and profit. This conversation has never ended and it’s one we hope continues forever.

Co-op month acknowledges the more than 40,000 cooperative businesses in the United States with 350 million members, from natural food stores, to banks, manufacturers and everything in between. These cooperatives generate $514 billion in revenue and more than $25 billion in wages. Thank you for being part of such a socially conscious business as Oryana Food Cooperative!


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