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Hot Food Trends

January 24, 2012, 1:01 pm

USA Today opined on the top 12 food trends based on its observations at the recent Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. Some interesting stuff including:

  1. Salt: “Forget Morton. If it's not Himalayan or Northwest Indian Salish-inspired, alder-smoked, it's so 20th century. Salt's in chocolate, on caramels, and sailing off store shelves. It's the finishing touch to multiple dishes.” (Some good selection at Oryana including pink Himalayan in the bulk department)
  2. Artisan chocolate: “Small producers who carefully source their cocoa beans are turning out chocolate bars that can cost as much as a mega-bag of M&M's, but taste a lot better.” (Mmm, makes me want some Grocer's Daughter truffles!)
  3. Korean food. (Oryana carries Sunya’s Kimchee, a great brand because it’s spicy but not too spicy.)
  4. Quick response (QR) codes, those squares of untelligible code that you see more and more on products, where you can scan them and instantly get information on your smart phone.
  5. Seaweed. “It's one of the hottest trends in West Coast lunchrooms and starting to take off nationwide.”
  6. Better and tastier gluten-free options. (That is something Oryana can hang its hat on!)
  7. Do-it-yourself. “The public fascination with how our food is made shows up not only in a hundred food shows on TV, but also kits that help people create foods that seem out of reach. These do-it-yourself food kits contain all the ingredients and detailed instructions, making the novice a pro in the kitchen.”
  8. The butcher renaissance. “When people are paying a lot of money for their meat they want someone selling it to them who really knows the cuts and how to prepare them.”
  9. Food trucks. (I guess the local Schwann’s company has been on to something.)
  10. Drugstores as food stores. “Stores are branching out beyond snack foods and cookies. Duane Reade stores in New York have installed specialty food areas in their stores, and Walgreens is branching out with more fresh and prepared foods to go.”
  11. Healthy snacks. “Snacks today don't have to simply taste good, they also have to be good for you. Store shelves are starting to sport an array of chips and other snack foods with inventive, healthier ingredients.”(Oryana takes first place for healthy snacks!)
  12. Pickles. “The lowly American pickle is staging a big comeback in the East and South. There's old-fashioned chow-chow pickle relish, artisan cucumber pickles and a host of cultured products, the result of lactic acid fermentation, that would make an Amish housewife proud, if a little puzzled.” (Have you tried Bubbie's?)
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