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Food Pet Peeves and Delights

September 6, 2011, 4:09 pm

A few food pet peeves:

When I’m eating at a restaurant and someone comes to the next table that was recently vacated and pulls out a huge bottle of noxious cleaning spray and proceeds to douse the entire surface of the table and send a cloud of pine-scented fumes over to my table where I am trying to eat.

When people salt their food before they even taste it.

When people overcook meat and it is so tough that it’s inedible.

Having to pull off a stubborn sticker off a piece of fruit or vegetable.

When people overcook vegetables and they are rendered mushy and flavorless.

Reaching for an ingredient when I’m cooking only to discover that it’s gone bad (i.e. the tomato paste is moldy).

When I eat a brownie at a potluck and discover that it’s been made from a cheap mix and tastes like chemicals.

Miracle Whip – Sweet mayo anyone?

Iceberg lettuce salads.

Shrimp on a menu that you have to peel yourself. Especially when it has a sauce on it!

A few eating delights:

When children are willing to taste a dish I am demoing in the store and then tell me they like it!

When I cook for someone and they say to me, “That is the best ______________ I’ve ever eaten.”

When I eat out and every part of the meal is great.

A perfect cup of coffee that’s just the right flavor and temperature.

Cooking a meal (usually in mid-late summer) that is composed completely of local ingredients

Homemade salad dressing. It beats bottled dressing 1000 times over.

Seeing the first asparagus for sale!

Finding morels when I’m not looking for them!

What are your pet peeves and/or delights?

Posted by Oryana at 4:09 pm
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